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Thomas Hearns Net Worth In 2021, Early Life, Career And Achievements

Thomas Hearns, Net Worth In 2021, Early Life, Career And Achievements
Thomas Hearns On An Interview With RingDigital

Thomas Hearns, the 62-year-old retired American professional boxer, made his name as “The Hitman” during his glorious boxing career. From the year 1977 to 2006, Hearns thrived off success. Also nicknamed “Motor City Cobra”, Thomas Hearns stood tall, slender build with oversized shoulders. This allowed him to move over fifty-pounds in his career. Hearns was named Fighter of the year by The Ring magazine in 1980. He won the same title again in 1984. Furthermore, Thomas Hearns is the first boxer in history to win world titles in five weight divisions. These divisions include the welterweight, light middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight.

Throughout his long-standing career competing in different divisions, Hearns was heavily known as a heavy puncher. During his stint on the cruiserweight division, too, before he climbed up the divisions. Hearns ranks on number 18 on The Ring’s list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. Plus, currently, he holds the 92nd spot BoxRec’s ranking of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers of all time. Thomas Hearns finished his professional boxing career with a record. Setting it on 61 – 5 – 1 with 48 knockouts. He is also part of the International Boxing Hall of Fame as inducted in 2021.

So here we are, taking a look at Thomas Hearn’s journey right from his childhood to a professional boxing career as well as his Net Worth and other ventures. So with no further, let’s punch harder and begin.

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Thomas Hearns Net Worth

Thomas Hearns, Net Worth In 2021, Early Life, Career And Achievements

Thomas Hearns

The Net Worth of Thomas Hearns as of 2021 is $450 thousand. Most of his earnings have come from his glorious boxing career. Spanning a career from 1977 to 2006, every time he fell down, he picked himself up to fight another day. The career saw him starting off as a cruiserweight, eventually rising to ranks as well as divisions. Most of his big success came from his various championship title wins. These all wins and determination contributed to his Net Worth. Thomas Hearns’ mother, Lois Hearns s also a fight promoter. Under their company’s name “Hearns Entertainment, they promoted many match cards as well.

Thomas Hearns Early Life And Childhood

Thomas Hearns was born on October 18, 1958, as the youngest of three children from his mother Louis and her first marriage. He hailed from Grand Junction, Tennessee. When the mother of Hearns had her second marriage, three more children joined the family. She raised them all on her own, living in Grand Junction until Thomas turned five.

Thomas Hearns, Net Worth In 2021, Early Life, Career And Achievements

Thomas Hearns during his glorious professional boxing career

They moved to Detroit, Michigan, in the hope of looking for a job and started earning. During his childhood growing up, Hearns showed a peaked interest in sports. He spent his school days more on grounds rather than the classes. Hearns’ parents supported his interests who played different games. But seeing boxing on television made Hearns’ mind up. Thus, he started dreaming of becoming a professional boxer player. He dreamt of a stylish life, which wasn’t possible because of his family’s financial conditions. So he worked hard and started pursuing the junior boxing team.

Thomas Hearns held an amateur record of 155–8 and won National Amateur Athletic Union Light Welterweight Championship, defeating Bobby Joe Young of Steubenville, Ohio, in 1977. In the same year, he went on to win the 1977 National Golden Gloves Light Welterweight Championship.

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Professional Boxing Career

With the help of guardianship from Emanuel Steward, Thomas continued to pursue his professional wrestling career. Steward trained Thomas right from the time he was a lightweight boxer to the time he started rising in ranks. Thomas Hearn went on to win six major world titles in five weight classes during his pro career. He defeated a number of future boxing Hall Of Famers. These included names such as Pipino Cuevas, Wilfred Benítez, Virgil Hill and Roberto Durán. This also led to Thomas holding a 28-0 record and soon becoming ‘Fighter of the Year’ in the 1980’s edition of Ring Magazine.

Thomas Hearns, Net Worth In 2021, Early Life, Career And Achievements

Thomas Hearns Vs. Marvin Hagler

Hearns went on to have some memorable matches ahead. He went toe-to-toe with WBC Champion Sugar Ray Leonard. A neck-to-neck battle that ended in gaming being called off. Hearns soon stepped up his game in the lightweight division, becoming WBC Super Welterweight. Plus the first boxer to knockout Robert Duran. The year 1984 once again saw Thomas Hearns become the Fighter Of The Year for the second time in Ring Magazine.

As a WBC Super Welterweight Champion, Thomas faced the middleweight king, Marvin Hagler. After a tough battle and quite a winning effort, Thomas Hearns lost to Hagler. After the loss, Hearns made a comeback in 1986 by defeating James ‘Black Gold’ Shuler, an upcoming star, with a disastrous Knockout. Thomas Hearns handed over the NABF championship belt to Shunner’s family after Shunner died in a motorcycle accident a week later since their match.

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