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This Is Us Season 5 Finale, Explained: Why Did Madison Call Of Wedding? And The Future Glimpse

What Went Down In The End Of This Is Us S05
From This Us S05 Finale Featuring Kevin and Madison

So another season ends with a heartfelt ride for This Is Us as the show wraps up the fifth season. The finale was built up to huge hype, with Kevin and Madison getting married once and for all. Everyone reconnecting with one another on occasion only to end with some disappointing faces. But still, a happy ending giving us hope there will be more in the coming season if it arrives. From Madison worrying about being married to someone who doesn’t love her to Beth reconciling with Tess. Plus, Rebecca apologizing to Randall. Also, the surprise flash-forward amidst flashbacks. There is a lot that happened in This Is Us Season 5 Finale.

So, here we are taking a look at everything that went down in the fifth season finale of This Is Us. With that, answering a number of questions bugging everyone. For taking, why Madison decided to call the wedding off? Did Toby take the job offered, and did Kate quit her job for him and the family? Furthermore, what did the flashbacks tell us about the situation? Lastly, what was the future flashforward about leaving everyone confused? All covered here.

What Went Down In The Finale Of This Is Us?

The finale of This Is Us opens up to Kevin preparing vows. Until we cut to a flashback of Rebecca and Jack. Rebecca is hoping to find an escape from life through a TV show only to find it recorded over by a sports game. She confronts Jack resulting in a fight in front of their children, who later asks them if they love each other. Switching to another flashback, we see a young Madison as her mother leaves her father. Also leaving earrings behind which she may wear on her wedding day in future. Coming to today, she gives Kevin a final chance to call the wedding off as Uncle Nicky watches over recording everything.

What Was The Finale Of This Is Us About?

From This Us S05 Finale Featuring Kevin and Madison

Toby reveals to Kate about his new job that may require him to stay away from the family. Beth tries to bond with Tess while Rebecca connects with Randall. To more problems, the altar has collapsed and Kevin is hell-bent on getting it right for Madison. Back in the flashback, we see Rebecca and Jack talk to their kids about their marriage Only to result in another fight when Jack forgets his vows.

Madison on the other hand, goes through flashbacks again. This time as a teen, when a boy left her for some other girl. This led her father to give her advice not to be choosy. Beth and Tess reconnect with each other as Beth helps her with the dress while Kate tries to quit her job. In flashback, Jack and Rebecca are marrying each other again at home in front of their kids. Things start settling down while Toby and Kate reconcile they will work long-distance. On the other hand, Rebecca and Randall, too when he tells her about the birth mother. But not for Kevin, as Madison decides to call the wedding off. But the flash-forward also sees someone else getting married.

This Is Us Season 5 Finale Explained

So what went down here? Why did Madison called the wedding off, and did any of Toby and Kate quit the job to reconnect? So here is how it goes. So let’s start with the main plot of the episode, which is Madison and Kevin’s wedding. The reason Madison called off the wedding is that she felt like Kevin doesn’t love her. They are marrying for the wrong reasons after all. The flashbacks were evident for her to realize when she remembered how her parents split and how the boy at prom left her for someone else.

Do Madison and Kevin Get Married?

From This Us S05 Finale Featuring Kevin and Madison

Then moving on, when Madison went to wear her mother’s earrings, she reminded herself of another time a man left her. Resulting in an eating disorder of hers. This leads her to confront Kevin, who believes they can still manage to stay together but doesn’t express love for Madison. Thus resulting in her calling off the wedding once and for all. Randall, Rebecca, and Kate comfort Kevin and give him a purpose with Jack’s house.

Coming to Toby and Kate. So here is how it goes. Kate tried to quit her job as she gets on with Toby away from family. But it doesn’t work out when her boss tells her she is good at what she does and thus rejects the request. Toby on the other hand, later believes he can’t stay away from the family but Kate insists they will try long distance because she doesn’t remember his vows. But only remembers being excited to get married.

What Is The Future Of This Is Us

From This Us S05 Finale Featuring Kate

The big twist comes in the form of a flash-forward in the end. We get to know the beginning of the episode saw Kevin working on a speech for someone else’s wedding. He approaches the bridal suite seeing Madison and Beth there. Plus, Kate in wedding dress until Kevin is kicked out to meet his new brother-in-law. None other than Philip. Probably, the long-distance Toby and Kate promised each other didn’t work, leading to a divorce which is disappointing but the sad truth. Furthermore, we may see Kevin leading a new life as well. Since Madison and he are on good terms as friends. He may circle back to his first love Sophie which has been hinted as they are still in love with each other.

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