Thirty Nine Kdrama To Star Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hyun, Jeon Mi Do and More

Thirty Nine Kdrama 2021

JTBC is coming with another new Kdrama, Thirty Nine. Kdrama or Korean Dramas are loved by millions nowadays. Moreover, people from all across the globe are breaking the language barrier by showing more support to Kdramas. Thus, we believe Thirty Nine will join their watch list soon. Moreover, the cast of the show is highly impressive as well. Actors like Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun, Yeon Woo Shin, and many others have joined the drama. Hence, we are more excited to share all the details on the upcoming Kdrama, Thirty Nine. 

Thirty Nine is in its pre-production stage. However, we believe the filming will begin soon as it has recently cast its male lead. Meanwhile, other cast members were scouted earlier. The show does not have a release date yet, but we expect to get that soon. Thirty Nine will follow the lives of three friends, who will together explore friendship, love, and career. Friendships in Kdramas are really special, and viewers often learn something new after watching the show.

Thirty Nine Kdrama 2021
Yeon Woo Jin and Lee Moo Saeng

JTBC is currently busy with the production of many other Kdramas. It is on a quest to bless the viewers with fresh storylines every month. This year, it blessed us with Beyond Evil, She Would Never Know, and Sisyphus The Myth. And many more are yet to come. And now Thirty Nine has joined the list.

Thirty Nine Kdrama Cast and Characters

Thirty Nine has a pretty talented cast. Also, its male lead has just joined the drama. Actress Son Ye Jin and Jeon Mi Do, have previously received offers to play the female leads of the show. Yes, they have not accepted the offers yet. However, according to sources, both the actresses are positively reviewing it. 

Son Ye Jin has been approached for the role of Cha Mi Jo. Her character has been brought up in a lavish household, and now she is the head dermatologist of a clinic in Gangnam. On the other hand, Jeon Mi Do is in talks to play an acting teacher, Jung Chan Young. Son Ye Jin was last seen in 2019’s hit romantic drama, Crash Landing on You. Meanwhile, Jeon Mi Do is famous for her drama Hospital Playlist. She will be seen next in its second season. 

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Thirty Nine Kdrama 2021

Last week, it was also announced that Wonder Girls’ Ahn So Hee is also offered a role in the show. However, her role is not announced yet. Ahn So Hee is widely popular for Missing: The Other side, and  Welcome To Waikiki 2. 

On June 1, JoyNews 24 reported that Yeon Woo Jin might be playing the male lead in the drama. His agency, Jump Entertainment, commented that the actor is positively reviewing the offer. Also, Lee Moo Saeng will join as the new cast member. His agency released a statement as well. Alien Company wrote that Lee Moo Saeng has indeed received an offer, and he is reviewing it at the moment. 

Yeon Woo Jin is known for his roles in Undercover, Search, I wanna Hear Your Song, and more. Meanwhile, Lee Moo Saeng is known for dramas such as The Crowned Clown and With Coffee.

Thirty-Nine Plot, Crew, Release Date, and More

Upcoming JTBC drama, Thirty-Nine will showcase the lives of three friends who are on the verge of turning 40. The show will narrate thier lives as they explore romance, career, and friendship.

The show does not have a release date and broadcasting schedule at the moment. But, we do know that it will have 12 episodes. Moreover, the show will telecast on JTBC. We will make sure to inform you about the other platforms, where you can stream “Thirty-Nine.”

The JTBC drama will be written by Yoo Young Ah (My Annoying Brother, Encounter). On the other hand, Kim Sang Ho (Age Of Youth 2, Last) will direct it. Sang-Ho was also the assistant director on the 2020 show, Run On. 

Considering the drama is at its infancy stage, we do not have many details. But, we believe that Thirty Nine will begin filming soon.

In the meantime, watch Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing On You Here. 

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