They Shall Not Grow Old: Release, Review And More

They Shall Not Grow Old is a perfect colorized ode to commemorate the centenary of World World 1. It is directed by Sir Robert Peter Jackson from Lord of The Rings Trilogy fame, and it is not so much a movie as it is a war documentary.

The documentary premiered the day before yesterday on October 16′ 2018 at the London Film Festival first and then on 247 screens in theatres across the whole of Britain. It has done a terrific business, £558,000 on its first night alone. It is not far away from an international release, movie pundits say. Copies of They Shall Not Forget Us will be distributed across the United Kingdom in schools to serve as an informative tool and an awareness builder to children. At the London Film Festival, people such as Prince William, director of Jackson, The Hobbit star Dominic Monaghan were present.

The team behind They Shall Not Forget Us are eyeing an international release now. Besides they are looking to enlarge its theatre base in the UK. The internet has given rave reviews to They Shall Not Forget Us.

Obviously, it wouldn’t have been easy to somehow make a documentary out of 600-hour war footage of the Imperial War Museum and ample audio archives from BBC. To turn these into a modern day, colored version of an aesthetically pleasing 3D documentary is something that only Peter Jackson could have pulled off. It is pertinent to mention here that They Shall Not Forget Us is also available as a 2D movie. Not to forget, They Shall Not Forget Us had an extensive VFX team headed by Wayne Stables as a talent pool addition.

What you need to know first hand is that They Shall Not Forget Us is the story of World War 1 from the eyes of Britain, the men they employed and the words they actually spoke. Professional lip readers were hired for this job. From war fields of Belgium to the signing of the 1918 Armistice, everything in this movie is a reminder of the fly-on-the-wall approach of Jackson. As for the BBC Release of the movie, on National Armistice Day, i.e., November 11 it will be broadcast. This 99-minute feature film was supposedly intended to be a 30-minute movie. But then Peter Jackson went alone listening through the 600-hour war footage to give it its present shape.

They Shall Not Forget Us: Additional Details

The movie besides being directed by Peter Jackson is produced by Clare Olssen. Jabez Olssen serves as the editor of the movie. Jackson’s WingNut Films produced with House Productions is executive producing. Trafalgar Releasing is handling the UK theatrical release. It was co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s art program for the First World War centenary, the BBC and the Imperial War Museums.

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