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Preview: The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 9

The World Ends with You
The World Ends with You

The former game master Megumi gave Neku a third chance after completing the Reapers Game. Neku heads back to the game world after realizing that he has two save Shiki and Joshua. Joshua sacrifices his life as an offering for Neku to complete the Reapers Game. In the game world, Neku vows that he will survive for the sake of Shiki and Joshua. They have decreased from 27 days to 7 days, and Neku realizes that he must complete all the missions in time before seven days. Suddenly Neku receives an assignment.

Neku finds that the mission is to reach 104 in 60 minutes, and the cost of failure is erasure. The Reapers Gang talks about the Reapers’ Game, and they think that the game is starting to be weird. Koki comments that the game is getting started since new rules and missions are available. Uzuki believes that it is not attractive since there is only one player. She reveals that in this round, Ms. Konish is the Game Master. Uzuki is worried that she won’t get a chance to show Ms. Konish her skills.

Previously on The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 8

Koki thinks that Ms. Konish is like an Iron Maiden. Neku is struggling to find his way to 104. He realizes that he needs a partner, and he is not good with directions. Neku receives a message telling him that the Reapers Game at this level has one player. Neku realizes that it is a one-man-die-one mission. He thinks that he can’t fight Noise without a partner.

He thinks that if he gets a mission to fight with the Noise, he will be dead. Neku looks at the palm of his hand and realizes that he is left with 48 minutes to complete the mission. Neku heard a voice and recognize that it is the Reapers. Uzuki and Koki are floating in the air. Neku tried to use his powers, but nothing happens. Koki licks his lollipop while shaking his head. He wonders what Neku can do to them. Koki told Neku not to blame them since they are doing their job. Uzuki comments that it is the last of Neku.

Monstrous Taboo Noise

The World Ends with You The Animation

The World Ends with You The Animation

Uzuki raised her hand and unleashed ten different Monstrous Taboo Noise. Neku realizes that he has no chance, but he has to survive using his human survival skills. The Monstrous Taboo Noise circle Neku. Neku uses his fists to fight back, but the enemies dominate him. Uzuki landed on the ground and told Neku that she is holding back and he must show her a real fight. Neku replies that he won’t lose, and Koki wonders if this is the end of the Reapers Game for Neku. Beat arrived before Neku gets swallowed by the monsters.

Uzuki wonders who invited Beat, and Mr. Beat comments that the two are breaking the code of the Reapers Gang. Beat remarks that he got ordered to take out his old friends. Neku is glad that he got saved in the last second. Beat comments that there is only one player in this game, and he doesn’t like it when people get involved in a 2v1 battle. Uzuki gets furious and realizes that Beat has terminated his contract with the Reaper’s Gang.

Beat manages to destroy all the Monstrous Taboo Noise and compete that the Composer might like this, but he is unsure. Uzuki comments that Beat won’t tell them that he is betraying the members of the Reapers Gang. Beat replies that he is reuniting with his friend, and Neku realizes he has found a partner to form a pact. Koki thinks that Neku and Beat have no match against him and Uzuki. Beat offers his hand to Neku and says they are creating a contract. The two shake their hands and ally.

The World Ends with You Animation Episode 9 Release Date

The new The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 9 will release on Saturday, 4 June 2021, at 6:24 PM JST. You will be able to catch The World Ends with You The Animation online on AnimeLab.

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