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Spoilers: The World Ends with You The Animation Episode 12

The World Ends with You The Animation

The young boy named Neku wakes up in the middle of Shibuya and finds that it is the Underground World. Neku lost two of his friends after failing to beat the Reapers Game. Mr. Beat joins Neku as the new partner to complete the Reapears Game. The World Ends with You The Animation has concluded. The episode begins with Neku and Beat arriving at Shibuya’s river. Neku realizes that the s where Joshua wanted him to go. The boys think that they will meet with Composer after passing the river.

Mr. Beat still believes that Composer is Cat, and he might be the one controlling everything in the Underground World. The boys recall the day Mr. Hanakoma tries to analyze the spell found in the middle of the city. Mr. Beat thinks Minamoto knows the whereabouts of the Composer. Neku replies that it is accurate, and Beat comments that they will defeat Composer. Surprisingly, the two saw the light at the end of the tunnel and wonders where the light is leading them. The episode title is ”The Hour of Reckoning.”

Neku and beat bumps with Minamimoto for the second time after he defeated them in their first meeting. Earlier, Minamimoto defeats Neku and Beat after gaining the new powers, and the wings emerged on his back. After beating the two, Minamoto comments that the Composer is his meal. Mr. Beat told him to get out of their way with his Taboo Breath. He replies that their journey ends here. Minamoto reveals an unbreakable barrier that he couldn’t break, the Iron Maiden’s handiwork. Neku asks if Konish is up ahead. Minamoto points at something, and Konish emerges.

Previously on The World Ends with You-The Animation Episode 11

Mr. Beat wonders if Konish was hiding in his shadow all the time. Minamoto told Konishi to open the barrier since it is her fault to put it in the wrong place. Minamoto teleports with a massive gust of wind and appears in from of Konish. Konish heard ”I’ll turn you into sludge in the Shibuya River.” After the dust clears, she notices that it is Minamoto. Konish replies that she will remove the barrier if he becomes the Composer and appoint her to Kitaniji’s position. Minamoto realizes that Konish is switching sides.

Konish reveals that according to her analysis Shibuya has begun moving toward a complete stop, and one with the best odds of surviving the Chaos is a free spirit. Minamoto accepted Konish’s offer and teleported back to his position. Konish erases the barrier, and Minamoto comments that everyone in the Underground got zeroed. Minamoto makes a huge statement and vanishes. He left the duo with the words that he is the new Composer. Neku and Beat try to follow Minamoto but Konish blocked their path.

The World Ends with You The Animation

The World Ends with You The Animation

Red Skull Pins

Konish told the boys that she doesn’t care who the Composer is, as long as her authority is assured. Mr. Beat thinks that Konish is trying to act tough. Konish uses her powers and summons Rhyme. Neku realizes that she is using Rhyme as bait to erase them. Konish changed the dimension of the battlefield and took them to the floating sky. Mr. Beat dodges a powerful blast and notice that Konish has turned into a red dragon. The attacks that Beat and Neku landed make no scratch to Konish.

Mr. Beat comments that he will act as a decoy, distract Konish, and Neku will get the job done. Konish attacks, and Beat remarks that he is the future Composer. Neku promise Beat that he will get Rhyme back. Konish landed a body blow that sent Beat away. Neku interferes and fires a massive gust of fire that got swallowed by Konish. Konish told the two to know their place. Neku lost his guard, got caught, and receives showers of blows. Mr. Beat realizes that this is the final battle that will help them get Rhyme back.

Beat landed a blow that helped him get Rhyme back. Konishi decided to blow Beat and Neku. The two helps Rhyme to awake her powers and clash with them, and Neku notices that Konish’s weak point is her shadow. They begun to attacks her shadow and make her suffer. Konish got defeated, and her body explodes. Beat and Rhyme got reunited and met with the Composer. They managed to rescue Shiki, but she is still under a spell. The Composer reveals the truth beyond the Red Skull Pins.

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The World Ends with You Animation Episode 12 Release Date

The World-Ends with You The Animation Episode 12 release date is 24 June 2021, at 6:24 PM JST. Watch The World Ends-with You The Animation online on AnimeLab.

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The young boy named Neku wakes up in the middle of Shibuya and finds that it is the Underground World. Neku lost two of...

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