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The wind Breaker manhwa
Wind Breaker.

Wind Breaker is a heavily underrated webtoon. Yongseok Jo’s Wind Breaker is an inspirational tale of cycling, a story that can intoxicate you with its intensity and passion. Not only that, even with the intense theme of the manga, the creators are able to come up with some of the most laid-back characters. Thankfully, the writer takes enough time to let these characters develop by including their progress and backstories. Unlike your everyday sports manga, the Wind Breaker manhwa is crafted, keeping every big and small detail in mind. The protagonist especially has been given a significant amount of time to up their game. Yongseok Jo has built a world that teaches about love, friendship, moving ahead in life, and facing losses.

Of course, The Wind Breaker manhwa has a very straightforward story. Moreover, the arrangement allows the manga to give its audience moments of euphoria whenever the protagonist achieves any sort of success. The reader connects with the victory as it’s his own story. For a sports manhwa, The Wind Breaker manhwa is quite intense, which is obviously a great quality for shonen stories. This is an amazing manhwa that we would like to recommend to anyone who loves intense stories with a lot of great slice-of-life moments. Here is everything you need to know about the Wind Breaker manhwa.

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About the Wind Breaker Manhwa

Jo Ja-Hyun, the student president of Taeyang (Sunny) High, is a smart student. Additionally, he is also a brilliant cyclist with outstanding skills. The story of Wind Breaker is about Jo Ja-Hyun as he journeys through his life. As the plot progresses, we come across his friends, rivals, love, and different adventures of sorts. The manhwa has been translated into five different languages. This includes English, S. Chinese, T. Chinese, Japanese, and also Thai (Although the Thai version of the manhwa got discontinued). Wind Breaker is written and illustrated by Jo Yongseok. It was launched in 2013 by YOUNG COM. The manhwa was later serialized in the Naver Webtoon magazine. Its English-translated versions were licensed by LINE Webtoon.

Wind Breaker
Wind Breaker.

Wind Breaker has completed 360 chapters so far, which have been compiled into 17 volumes. The manhwa’s most recent chapter came out on 30 July 2021. As of now, Wind Breaker has surpassed three seasons. The first season lasted till the 65th chapter of the prologue. Its second season comprises 182 following chapters. Its final season has 115 chapters so far.

Although the original version is so far into the story, the translated versions have yet to catch up. The version of the manhwa on LINE Webtoon is currently publishing the third volume. Its most recent chapter number was 96, which came out on 9 August 2021.

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Review: Wind Breaker

What makes Wind Breaker so unique is the shift that it continues mainly in between life and sport. There is no exaggeration when we say that Wind Breaker has unrealistic figures along with the action that the heroes perform. Even then, it does not drift away entirely from reality. Why do we say that? Because the characters don’t go strong overnight. There’s a single tournament that lasts throughout the year. The protagonist and their opponents can both be pretty good and stand among the best players. We are not sure if you have ever taken the right kind of bike race.

You would love this manhwa because of the background story of the different characters. Not only that, the background stories they have allotted are very serial. The main protagonist is constantly forced by his family to study. Sometimes, the mother is not doing well, while other times, they are too poor to treat their family members. These backstories also made way to create the most memorable moments. Besides, most of the characters that you will come across are indeed interesting. The protagonist is a nerdy character with a severe lack of social skills to meet new people. Then there is a playboy who keeps wanting to escape these problems. Another debauchery is a person who is kind in general but can also lose their patience very easily.

Is Wind Breaker worth the time? Definitely. 

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