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The Way Of The Househusband Season 2 Confirmed On Netflix


At the last AnimeJapan Expo in Tokyo, Netflix made a huge announcement that it will be launching 40 new anime in the year 2021. Netflix already has a good roster of anime like Naruto, One Punch Man as well as Attack on Titan available for streaming in various countries. The announcement came after the success of the Netflix series Blood Of Zeus. They will now be following it up with another mythical series known as Record of Ragnarok. Apart from that, one of the interesting anime series coming to Netflix this year is The Way Of The Househusband. The series is great, funny, and completely different than any other anime you might have watched so far.

Written by Kousuke Oono, The Way Of The Househusband was first released on an online website known as Kurage Bunch. The first time it appeared on the website was in the year 2018. It soon grew in popularity and was made into a serialized manga by Shinchosa. The English version license of the series was acquired by Viz Media to be published in February 2019. The first volume of The Way Of The Househusband was then later released in September month of the same year.

The anime on Netflix is created by the famous studio J.C. Staff. The first season is already out and has received a mixed response from the audience. Due to its unique animation, many fans have been led to criticize it. Regardless, the anime is worth watching for the very same reason and for its unmistakable humor capacity. Since the first season is out, fans are already rooting for the second season.

So, is The Way Of The Househusband releasing a second season? What is it all about? And where are we in the story so far? Let’s talk about it.

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The Way Of The Househusband Gets Season 2

Tatsu and Miku

Tatsu, an ex-Yakuza boss, was a feared gangster in his time. Known and feared as the Immortal Dragon, Tatsu has been behind many dangerous criminal activities in his past. However, life takes a massive turn for him when he meets Miku. Tatsu and Miku soon get married, and since Miku is an innocent and hardworking career woman, Tatsu has to comply. He leaves behind his career as a mafia boss and, as the title suggests, becomes a househusband.

The series focuses on the various aspects of being a househusband. Tatsu goes shopping and bumps into his former associates; he turns around in the street to find someone staring at him because of his appearance. Every interaction between Tatsu and other people is funny. He used to be incredibly scary, and now, he would rather spend time cooking a delicious meal for Miku to eat when she returns from work.

Tatsu is unmistakably the heart of the show. He sports sunglasses most of the time and has the signature Yakuza mafia tattoos etched all over his body. Moreover, he has a long scar that goes from his forehead to his cheek. His demeanor has barely changed, and yet, his day-to-day activities could not be farther apart from his former life and self. With the perfect blend of scary and comic, Tatsu makes the perfect character for a slice-of-life comedy anime like The Way Of The Househusband. Not to mention his soft change in personality whenever Miku is around is just adorable to look at. All these points really make the series completely worth watching.

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Story So Far


A Still From The Anime

The Way Of The Househusband revolves around Tatsu and his daily life as a househusband. And so, the episodes carry a different story every time. The series is small, with usually 17-minute episodes. And the first season only has five episodes to boast on Netflix. The series has Tatsu going through several hurdles, whether it’s trying to impress Miku’s dad with his game of catch or running into an associate who now drives a crepe truck. The last episode we saw was the fifth one, where Tatsu runs into a deceased Yakuza boss’s wife. Later on, we see him celebrate his own birthday.

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2 Release Date

Many may have missed it, but Netflix Japan has already announced on their Twitter handle. The Way Of The Househusband will be officially getting a season 2. The dates are still yet to be announced, but we can expect another short season anytime next year. It is also likely that it will be produced by the same studio that is J.C Staff.

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