The Walking Dead Star ‘Michael’ Slates Rick Grimes Storyline

Michael Cudlitz, the former star from Walking Dead gas slammed Rick Grimes attack plan on Negan and the Saviors. He’s used the word “sucked” do describe this storyline. Michael played Abraham on the AMC series before his character will be killed off by the Negan bat-wielders at the very beginning of Season 7. Since then, Michael has been a major critic of the show and hasn’t shied away from slamming Rick Grimes storyline. He also has been vehemently critical of the way Rick handled the retaliation against Negan and co.

Michael Cudlitz also suggested the one killed off should have been Rick actually because of his crazy actions. He called Rick an a****** and said only because of him hundreds have been killed in the show till now. He degraded the scene played out between Rick and Saviors. According to him, they should all show up where Saviors are with 500 odd weapons. Then these weapons should be handed to Saviors. But before Saviors should be 15 feet out into the balcony unarmed and shoot the windows out above his head. And that all sucked.

Rick may have fought the scene back against the Saviors with Maggie and King Ezekiel’s help in Season 8. But Michael Cudlitz did not buy that at all. He imitated Negan in an interview and said it looked like the A-team showed up. But Eugene star Josh McDermitt who was present at the interview said the scene was well played out and that he liked his job. Josh thought it was great and he disagreed to Cudlitz and rightly so. Josh is still on the show. Cudlitz also accepted that his criticism came from a place of love. He’s pissed-off because he loves it.

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