The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3: Warning Signs

In this post, we are going to talk about The Walking Dead season 9 episode 3 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. As we know that the show started with the most intense scenes. Very first episode killed a character, Ken. However, all the other characters were united and safe. Still, they had to make a bridge to facilitate easier transport of goods on the other side. So, let’s get started with further information!

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3: Warning Signs

The show is now two episodes deep, and The Walking Dead is entering into the third week. The third episode of The Walking Dead season 9 is scheduled to release on 21 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on the AMC channel every Sunday at 9 PM.

The Walking Dead can be streamed on the AMC app by just signing in with existing cable TV subscription details. Moreover, there are several online options where viewers can watch AMC channel to watch the show at the discussed time.

The last episode had all of the characters working on the bridge. They must assure that they finish the work as soon as possible and without making any high-frequency noise. Because that might attract walkers and ruin their progress. Moreover, a little feud was also there, between Daryl and Justin due to Gabriel’s flirting approach to Anne.

In the upcoming episode, that rift is supposed to grow even wider. But more importantly, some unexpected disappearances will threaten all the characters. Due to that, the work team will be divided into two camps. This might even aggravate the problems and might affect the bridge work adversely. So, it will be an important episode to watch!

You cannot download The Walking Dead season 9 episode 3 anywhere online, but you can watch it on above-mentioned sources!

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