The Walking Dead Season 10 Production To Start From 06 May 2019

The Walking Dead is one of the longest-running television series of the current era. It has already released nine long seasons and the tenth will be out this October. It is supposedly confirmed that the production of the tenth season of The Walking Dead will start from the sixth of May.

The Walking Dead is a pretty interesting horror drama series which is based on comic of the same name. Here is a short synopsis of the series:
The story starts around Rick Grimes who has survived the apocalypse and is leading the fight against the zombies that have seemingly taken over the world. This group has to battle zombies as well as other groups of people who have survived as they could literally eat fellow humans to survive.

The only way to kill a zombie in this series is by damaging its brain or cremating its body.
Now, that you guys know what the series is all about to let us talk about the who have occupied the various positions in the upcoming season ten of this drama. The returning stars for the new season include Angela Kang, Melissa McBride,

Norman Reedus and Danai Gurira. Executive producer for the next season will be Greg Nicotero. If the rumours are to be believed then this is going to be Gurira’s final season in this horror drama. Even though the ninth season of the franchise is said to be the best one ever made but unfortunately it had the lowest live view rating of all seasons.

Also, the season finale had the lowest views among all nine seasons which is alarming. Even though it was the series’ best season then why such statistics, are people actually getting bored of The Walking Dead? This is a question that we’ll discuss some other time but not today.

walking dead season 10

So, what is the plot of season 10? Well, in this season the survivors will again fight against Alpha, the Whisperers and Beta.

These groups did succeed in taking hold of victims like Tara, Henry, etc last time out. The next season won’t pick up right where we were left off but some months time skip might occur as it is confirmed that the winter will be over by the time season ten will start.

The Walking Dead makers have promised to try something that they have never tried in the series before. Well, they have to do something like the popularity of the series is decreasing at a fast pace. Ending it won’t be a bad idea because I think the series has already gone on longer than it should have.

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