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The Voyeurs Ending Explained: Did Thomas Commit Suicide Or Was He Murdered?

The viewers around the world are looking to get an explanation about The Voyeurs Ending. It is another thriller that has joined the list of must-watch thrillers in 2021. The movie has intrigued a lot of viewers and has increased their curiosity about what happened in the movie. Although, the movie mostly received mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audience. Still, it managed to keep them entertained enough.

Many of the critics even said that the audience must watch the movie with fewer expectations from the story and more expectations in terms of entertainment. This was due to the fact that the movie focused on the sensual aspect of the story for the most part. In addition to that, the story left out some key elements that should have been addressed at the end itself. However, the director and the writer decided to leave them as it is. But even after the mixed reviews, the movie seems to be performing quite well, considering the amount of curiosity it has raised.

Michael Mohan has directed the movie and written it as well. In contrast, Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks have jointly produced the movie. Furthermore, the movie was developed under their production banner Divide/Conquer. Then we have the star cast of the movie that includes Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, Ben Hardy, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo. They have played the roles of Pippa, Thomas, Sebastian, and Julia, respectively. The movie was full of twists and turns and a lot of thrills that kept the entertainment factor alive. However, it is The Voyeurs Ending that has made quite a difference for the movie. Everyone wants an explanation and wants to find out what exactly happened in the film. Although to answer that, we need to take a recap of the film.

The Voyeurs Ending

Summary of The Voyeurs: What All Happened In The Film?

This latest thriller features two couples living completely different lifestyles. We first see the couple Thomas and Pippa move into the apartment of their dreams together. Then we get a look at the other couple Sebastian and his wife Julia, who live in the opposite building that of Thomas and Pippa’s. First things take an interesting turn when Pippa gets the first look at the intimate life of Seb and Julia. Thomas also gets intrigued and joins Pippa as they both begin a routing of spying on their neighbors.

As the story moves on, Thomas and Pippa give their neighbors nicknames. However, Pippa takes it to another level when she plants a mirror in Seb’s apartment to use to listen to their conversations. Later Pippa finds out about Seb’s several intimate encounters with other models. Things get more interesting when Julia visits Pippa’s workplace to get an eye checkup and new glasses. Pippa, later on, tells Julia about Seb’s affairs and even sends her proof of him cheating on her by accessing her printer.

The Voyeurs Ending

Thomas and Pippa in “The Voyeurs”

Things get serious when Thomas and Pippa see Seb find Julia dead in their house because Julia could not stand Seb cheating on her. This causes Thomas to lash out once again at Pippa for getting involved in this creepy stuff too much. He even blames her for the death of Julia and storms out of the apartment in anger. However, Pippa does not stop here and follows Seb into a bar because of her guilt. After a lot of talk, things go the same way, anyone would expect. Pippa goes to Seb’s apartment and sleeps with him. The same night Thomas comes back to the apartment with the intention to fix things back with Pippa. However, he commits suicide after watching Pippa get intimate with Seb and commits suicide. But did he actually commit suicide? Let’s find out.

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The Voyeurs Ending Explained: Did Julia Actually Die or Was It All A Setup?

Pippa returns to her apartment and gets shocked to see Thomas dead hanging from the ceiling. She is devasted by this loss. However, this does not stop her from going to Seb’s photography exhibition. But she sure gets a lot of shocks there. Firstly she finds out that Julia is still alive and present at the exhibition. Then she learns that she and Thomas were the photography subjects of Seb. Seb and Julia even owned the apartment, and the lease stated that the people living there willfully agreed to be photographed.

Pippa left the exhibition after learning this and decided to leave the apartment for good. However, she discovered the birds dead around the bird feeder. Moreover, the bird feeder had the same water that Thomas used to drink. With this, she figured that it was Julia and Seb who murdered Thomas. She got furious and decided to take revenge for Thomas’ murder. Pippa sent Seb and Julia a bottle of wine after adding sleeping medicine to it. Later on, she lured Seb and Julia to her workplace and told them about her theory of Thomas’ murder.

The Voyeurs Ending

The Voyeurs ending scene

She told them that it was Julia who poisoned Thomas’ drink and murdered him. Then she hanged him to make it look like a suicide while Pippa was busy with Seb in his apartment. Seb and Julia fell asleep due to the wine, and Pippa burned their eyes with the Lasik machine in her workplace. The movie ended with another couple moving into Pippa and Thomas’ apartment who now look at blind Seb and Julia. At last, we saw Pippa watch Seb and Julia in their condition as she left, leaving the binoculars on the roof. This was probably a symbol of her eventually moving on after getting her revenge on Julia and Seb for the murder of Thomas.

Where To Watch The Voyeurs?

The latest erotic thriller may not have impressed the critics or the viewers a lot, but it did manage to entertain for a one-time watch. However, the murder mystery of Thomas did make the story quite interesting and raised questions about “The Voyeurs” ending. This was also the reason why people were searching about where to watch The Voyeurs. The answer to that question is a simple one. The Voyeurs is an Amazon Original film, and therefore it is available on Amazon Prime Video. However, the movie might arrive on other streaming services after a few months if Amazon Studios decide to distribute the movie’s streaming rights.

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