The Villain of Spider-Man 2 Almost Revealed

After the tremendous success of Spider-Man video game last year it won’t be a surprise if they decide to launch a new sequel of the game. The game was developed by Insomniac and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The main reasons for its success were a big pool of villains led by Mr Negative.

Insomniac has more or less confirmed that there is going to be a trilogy of Spider-Man video games but Sony has not released any statements regarding the same. It seems obvious after tremendous success there is surely going to be a sequel to this game. Now, who do you think will succeed Mr Negative as the main villain in the second instalment.

Well, there has been a newly released tie-in comic and some section of the fans think that the villain of this comic will be for sure part of the Spider-Man 2 character list. This villain is known as Swarm. So, who is Swarm and what are his characteristics. He is a guy who surrounds himself with bees.

He has been also foreshadowed in the first part of the video game as well. He is referred to as “Nazi made out of bees”, in the first game. So, since it has been confirmed in the first part the Swarm does exist in this Spiderverse. It is thus more or less confirmed that Swarm will be a part of villain roster in the sequel of Spider-Man game.

In the first part, the animations and the story were top-notch let alone the awesome cast of the villains in the game. Mr Negative was planning to take control of the criminal world of New York City and was about the launch a deadly virus but for Spider-Man he might have even succeeded.

Swarm Spider Man

Talking more about the Bee-Man Swarm. His skeleton is covered with bees, basically, his body has bees all around instead of skin.

So, his powers are using bees at will and thus dealing with this sort of enemy seems to be very difficult and different for the likes of Spider-Man. His main powers and abilities include shape-shifting, becoming intangible, flying and most importantly he can manipulate bees at will.

In some ways, he seems way stronger than Spider-Man which means our hero has to be at his very best to beat this new psychopath which is about to come his way. Do let us know what your thoughts regarding Spider-Man 2 are and also your thoughts about Swarm.

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