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The Veil Episode 5: Release Date, Recap & Preview

The Veil Episode 5
The Veil 2021 Kdrama

The Veil Episode 5 will be releasing this week! The spy-action kdrama, The Veil, has been taking over the audience with its mind-blowing plot. Each episode is getting more intense while uncovering numerous secrets. The latest episode of The Veil kdrama was not any less. The episode begins with a slow pace and ends up revealing the secret leaving another unsolved puzzle for viewers. Here, we get to see another darker side of the NIS organization. The Veil is getting into the deeper side of the storyline.

The latest episode shows Ji Hyuk learn about Choi Il Tak and his son Sang Kyun who hacks into the organization system. While on his personal mission, Ji Hyuk discovers his connection with Il Tak plays a pivotal role. It also displays perfect teamwork between Je Yi and Ji Hyuk. The episode reveals some of the past fragments of the Syria mission. Eventually, Sang Kyun becomes sure that his father did not commit suicide. Ji Hyuk also discovers that he and Il Tak were chasing after the person before losing his memory. That person has been close to him, working in the same organization. However, there seems more to it. Thus, the upcoming The Veil Episode 5 will be more riveting!

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The Veil Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 begins from where the latest episode concluded. Ji Hyuk gets his hands on Shin Sang Hoon’s file and decides to dig more about the last emergency call received from Dandong. Immediately Myung Ki goes on the mission. However, at the same time, another hacker enters the server and steals the files from a year ago. That hacker turns out to be Director Choi Il Tak’s son, Choi Sang Kyun. The Foreign Intelligence team and Domestic Intelligence team could get into trouble if the information leaks to outside since it contains their darkest secrets. In the end, the Domestic Intelligence team takes over the hacking case. 

The Veil Episode 5

The Veil Ep04 featuring Deputy Commissioner Do

While investigating, they question Je Yi, who has been close to Sang Kyun. They even put MPK hacking program into her mobile. It has been more than a year since Sang Kyun’s father, Choi Il Tak died, or should we say, committed suicide. However, Je Yi and Sang Kyun do not believe it. To uncover the truth of his father’s death, Sang Kyun decides to take the matter into his hand. On the other side, Ji Hyuk and Je Yi team up to find Sang Kyun, who wants to meet Ji Hyuk. Eventually, they do while So Yeon’s team tailing him. Ji Hyuk learns that he had promised to protect Choi Il Tak. However, seeing his death, Sang Kyun demands the answer. Therefore, The Veil Episode 5 will unveil more secrets behind Il Tak’s death. 

Ji Hyuk also finds that before his memory loss, he and Il Tak had exchanged messages to find the receiver who got the emergency call from Dandong. Before he could find the person, So Yeon catches Sang Kyun. However, the table turns when NIS finds Sang Kyun has set up a trap for that they need a password which only he knows. Sung Kyun negotiates with the Domestic Intelligence team to get Ji Hyuk if they want the password. Without the password, all files will be deleted after the set timer. By the ending, Sung Kyun learns that his father lost his leg while taking revenge for the dead boy from the militia in Syria who helped them in the mission. 

Sang Kyun also tells him that his father and Ji Hyuk were chasing after the internal rat in the organization. Therefore, his father committing suicide is out of the question, and someone must be behind this. Eventually, the time comes where Sung Kyun reveals the password, al aadwul mushutarak, which means mutual enemy. Later, Sang Kyun asks for a phone while talking with Je Yi. The episode ends with Sung Hyun calling Ji Hyuk, revealing his father actually had found the person who received the emergency call from Dandong. That person is none other than Seo So Yeon. This uncovered secret is going to make The Veil Episode 5 more intense! 

The Veil Episode 5

Ep04 of The Veil featuring Choi Sang Kyun

The Veil Episode 5 Release Date

The Veil Episode 5 will be released on 1 October 2021 at 10 pm KST on the MBC TV channel. The first episode of The Veil premiered on 17 September 2021. The kdrama is scheduled to be concluded on 23 October 2021. It contains 12 episodes. So far, four episodes have been released. Each episode runs for a 60-65 min duration. Every new episode drops weekly on Friday and Saturday on MBC TV.

Watch The Veil Episode 5 Online – Streaming Details 

Those living in South Korea can watch The Veil Episode 5 on the MBC TV network at 10 pm. As for global viewers, The Veil kdrama is available on Viki and Kocowa. Kocowa is only accessible in South and North America. For easy access, you can even download Viki mobile application. 

The Veil Episode 5

The Veil Ep05 preview

Preview of Episode 5 

Preview of The Veil Episode 5 is already out! As the plot thickens, each preview has been getting intense. The upcoming episode is going to bring secrets, action, and much more suspense. From the preview, it seems we are going to see a new person who holds a significant role in this entire mission. Je Yi will find out something on So Yeon that makes her more suspicious. Ji Hyuk will also move his plan, but someone will get in his way. However, that person is not So Yeon. Someone from the past, who knows the real spy, will warn Ji Hyuk to stop his plan. However, nothing is going to stop Ji Hyuk and Je Yi from finding out the truth. The coming episode will be another blast of action and thriller that will keep you on edge all time. To know more, watch The Veil Episode 5.

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