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The Veil Episode 4: Release Date & Recap

When is Episode 4 of the ongoing MBC drama The Veil (2021) releasing? The new drama The Veil is attracting several viewers with its action, crime, and mystery storyline. The Veil is a South Korean investigation, action, thriller, crime drama. The story revolves around the National  Intelligence Service agent, Han Ji Hyuk. People have already completed watching the first three released episodes of the ongoing drama, The Veil. In the very first episode, that is in Episode 1 we have seen Ji Hyuk erase all his memory just for the sake of finding the person responsible for his downfall. In Episode 2, we have seen him recall some of his memories with the help of some puzzles. The Veil Episode 3 has been dropped recently, that is on 24  September 2021. People have been very much impatient for the arrival of Episode 3. And now, when they are done watching the third episode of the drama, they are expecting the fall of Episode 4. The drama is very suspenseful and interesting. It will simply drive you crazy but in some interesting ways.

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In this article, we shall talk about the upcoming episode of The Veil, which is the release date of Episode 4. Besides that, we shall also cover a bit of the previous episode that is Episode 3. For those who haven’t watched Episode 3 yet, this is exactly the right place for you. We shall cover everything in detail regarding the ongoing South Korean drama The Veil that has been made public to date. So what are you waiting for? If you are one of the fans of the said drama, go ahead and get into this article to know more about The Veil.

The Veil Episode 4 Release Date

The Veil

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The Veil Episode 4 Release Date: When is it releasing?

When is The Veil Episode 4 releasing? This has been the question of several fans and followers of the drama who have already completed watching the latest Episode 3. People have shown much interest and are very much curious to know the release date. Well, finally the waiting is over.

The Veil Episode 4 Release Date

The Veil


The Veil Episode 4 is going to release on 25 September 2021. The waiting is finally over. If you haven’t watched Episode 3, which was released on 24 September 2021, go and watch it. I would highly recommend you to watch the drama The Veil. If you want to spice up your week with something crime, thriller and suspenseful, The Veil is exactly the right drama for you.

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The Veil: Recap of Episode 3

The drama is very suspenseful and it will surely drive you crazy. Recently, Episode 3 has been dropped and it has amazed a large number of viewers across the globe.

In Episode 3 of The Veil, we have seen Ji Hyuk face several judgements and criticisms at his workplace because of his health issues. We also see Do-Jin Sook be very much interested in knowing what Ji Hyuk is hiding from his memories. Je Yi finally gets back to the work field but on the other hand, Soo Yeon warns her not to get too close to Ji Hyuk. Soo Yeon warns her to keep enough distance from Ji Hyuk. At the end of Episode 3, we see the leader of the gang where Ji Hyuk works to hold the gun at Ji Hyuk’s head. What happens next? If you are really into knowing what happens next, you need to watch Episode 4.

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Where can you watch the drama The Veil Episode 4?

You can watch Veil Episode 4 online on Viki. The episodes are exclusively streaming on Viki. You need to buy a subscription to Viki to watch The Veil.

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