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‘The Veil’ Ending Explained: Finale Between Ji Hyuk And Baek Mo Sa

The Veil Ending
The Veil Korean Drama 2021

The action crime The Veil ending has presented a perfect closing to the storyline and the characters as well. Throughout the kdrama, we have gone through numerous puzzles and riddles, leading us to the finale. The writer did an excellent job, structuring each part of the plot neatly. Even though the previous episodes appeared to be complicated, enigmatic; the ending has answered all the unanswered questions. Besides the crime-intriguing story, the cast of The Veil has caught viewers’ hearts with their exceptional performance, especially Namkoong Nim and Kim Ji Eun. Their on-screen camaraderie and chemistry are adored by all fans. 

The Veil kdrama ending has cleared all doubts, questions by Episode 12. Still, fans want to see more of them, especially our Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi. His raw emotions have given another charm to his acting and his character. Sadly, the emotionless yet eyes speaking more Han Ji Hyuk, we won’t be seeing him anymore. The Veil has delivered one of the best action crime thriller Korean dramas of 2021. The ending has explained different sides of NIS agents and a new beginning of the newly reformed NIS organization.

It has made us realize no matter what crime one commits, one has to pay it off. Thus, ignoring your sin will turn your life into a living hell on earth just like Baek Mo Sa’s did. And could have been Han Ji Hyuk as well. However, Han Ji Hyuk has a colleague, who believes in him till the end, and stops him from turning into a monster! 

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The Veil Ending Explained

With 12 episodes, The Veil ending has produced a perfect closing to each part of the storyline. The crime-action drama ‘The Veil’ becomes fans’ favorite from its Episode 1 due to its intricate and suspense filed plot. Each episode left a puzzle piece which later becomes a significant part of the big picture. Han Ji Hyuk and Yoo Je Yi have delivered remarkable teamwork till the ending, creating an unbeatable duo who we all adore and love. All the characters get their deserving closing, be it protagonist or antagonist. However, the ending also reveals to us a heart-wrenching scene between Je Yi and her father. Overall, The Veil ending has closed off all loose edges, concluding on a perfect note, which is explained below. 

Final Battle Between Baek Mo Sa And NIS Begins

Episode 12 of The Veil begins with Ji Hyuk finding the man named Kim Young Chul, who is carrying a body bomb. However, it unveils it is a time bomb with only a few seconds left to explode. At the same time, Je Yi also discovers a huge time bomb inside the food truck. Time ticks, and it becomes impossible to save people presented at the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Hancheng. Thankfully, it turns out to be a fake bomb. However, Je Yi’s side reveals an EMP bomb that blasts on time, stopping all computerized serves. The Veil Finale reveals that Baek Mo Sa’s plan is not meaningless bloodshed but something bigger that will shake the entire country. 

After analyzing the situation, Je Yi immediately catches that Baek Mo Sa is after Hanmin Bank’s Data Center. Because it has all the financial records of the biggest bank in South Korea. Therefore, Je Yi and Ji Hyuk immediately depart to the main branch where Baek Mo Sa and his gang have taken over. As soon as Baek Mo Sa gets everything under his control, he goes live broadcasting. On live streaming, he states two conditions to NIS either save all financial records of the country or save 33 employees, who he has taken hostages. But NIS will have to make the decision within three hours.

The Veil Kdrama Ending

Baek Mo Sa

Baek Moo Sa states he will execute all hostages if any NIS agent enters the building or kill his men or even stop the live streaming. He shuts down all entries, but thankfully Ji Hyuk and Je Yi are already inside the basement parking lot. To hack into the Bank Center’s server, NIS needs Choi Sang Kyun’s help. It explains that Jung Yong Tae caught Sang Kyun red-handed while he tried to kill Deputy Commissioner Lee. Director Kang asks him to help them to save those 33 people. Thus, Choi Sang Kyun hacks into the Bank Center’s secure server and opens a gate for Ji Hyuk and Je Yi. 

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Not An EMP Bomb But A Time Bomb

Meanwhile, NIS director Bang passes an order to find the EMP bomb first since NSC’s decides it. Thus, Ji Hyuk and Je Yi begin to search for the bomb and eventually find it. However, Je Yi discovers that the EMP bomb is a fake, a mere shell. It explains Baek Mo Sa planned it from the starting knowing the government would choose money over people’s lives. He wants to show the corrupt side of the government and crush the citizens’ trust in the government. Understanding Baek Mo Sa’s intention, the duo sends a signal. And they immediately change the plan to save the hostages. To wake up Baek Mo Sa’s fatherly instincts, Je Yi plays the song the father-daughter duo used to listen to. 

The Veil Ending

Ji Hyuk and Je Yi finding the EMP bomb

They further make changes after finding the hostage room. Ji Hyuk finishes off any gang member who comes in his way and makes his way to the hostage room, only to find it locked from inside. Baek Mo Sa challenges him to meet him on the rooftop for the final battle since he has the detonator. Even NIS does not shoot him after seeing he is holding the detonator. Ji Hyuk alone goes up to the rooftop where Bae Mo So shoots his leg as soon as he drops the gun. That is where Baek Mo Sa expresses his inner darkness, the expectations that Ji Hyuk would understand him. Because Ji Hyuk also killed his colleagues just like Baek Mo Sa did. However, Ji Hyuk proves him wrong that he won’t press the detonator button, pointing to the big LED screen. Because the screen displays Je Yi inside the hostage room!

Yoo Je Yi Enters Battleground To Stop Her Father At End Of The Veil

Je Yi understands there is no way she will stand against his father. Therefore, she decides to enter the battleground believing a little part of his father still resides inside Baek Mo Sa. According to their plan, Ji Hyuk kills all gang members and goes to the security room to find the lead. Meanwhile, Je Yi acts as a bank employee and thus becomes a new captive with the other employees to stop her father. However, seeing her on the screen, Baek Mo Sa’s past memories flash, losing his control. Ji Hyuk reveals that she is his daughter, and she is the reason he did not turn into a monster like him. It is because Je Yi believes in him till the end. Hence, Ji Hyuk immediately takes advantage of the situation.

The Veil Ending

Ji Hyuk telling Baek Mo San about his daughter Je Yi

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NIS Agent Shoots Ji Hyuk

Ji Hyuk grabs the detonator. However, the last twist happens when Baek Mo So reveals there is a time bomb inside the hostage room, which will automatically blast after three hours. And the device Ji Hyuk is holding is not a detonator but the switch to turn off the bomb. Baek Mo Sa hurries him to press the button since only a few seconds are left. However, Ji Hyuk contemplates whether to believe him or not. If he did and it turned out false, once again, his hand would turn red not only from innocent citizens’ blood but also Je Yi’s. However, he did not listen, and Baek Mo Sa’s saying turned true, then he would again fail to save everyone. On both sides, there is a risk.

Meanwhile, the NIS team sees Ji Hyuk on the edge of pressing the button, which they assume is a detonator. The team does not know about the time bomb yet and misinterprets the situation as Ji Hyuk wants to kill the hostages. Considering Ji Hyuk has a long history of mental illness, NIS Director Bong orders to shoot him. Just like Je Yi believes him, Ji Hyuk also decides to have faith in her belief that Baek Mo Sa’s fatherly instincts want to save her and press the button! And at the moment, the NIS agent also shoots him!

The Ending The Veil Kdrama

Ji Hyuk

Last Goodbye 

The ending of The Veil delivers the last goodbye between Je Yi and his father. After the bullet hits Ji Hyuk, the NIS team understands the situation. Immediately, they order their team to free the hostages. Je Yi runs to find injured Ji Hyuk. However, Ji Hyuk urges her to go to the rooftop since not much time has left. Je Yi breaks into tears, witnessing her father taking last breaths. Baek Mo Sa talks about how his other colleague used to talk about his daughter all the time, even in that pit of pure torment. He tells her she was the reason her father used to smile in his distress, taking his last breath in the arms of his daughter. All Je Yi wanted was her father to recognize her, call her name. But, till the end, it did not happen.

It reveals that Baek Mo Sa may be suffering from a personality disorder. And assume himself as the other college, Kim Young Gook, who he had killed to end his suffering. After getting caught, Kim Young Gook and Yoo Joon Man (Baek Mo Sa) went through torment worst than hell. The continuous torture led Kim Young Gook on the verge of death, and he asked Yoo Joon Man to kill him to end his suffering. Therefore, Yoo Joon Man strangled Kim Young Gook. After his death, he took out his bone and sharpened it, which helped him free from that hell. In that guilt, anguish, and raw emotion, Yoo Joon Man lost himself and was born Baek Mo Sa. 

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Five Years Later, A New Beginning 

Meantime, Ji Hyuk confesses all the crimes and reveals Sangmuhoe, the hidden side of politics, and the NIS organization’s involvement. He shares everything that happened to him, his colleague, and the wicked plans of the government. Even Planet’s Chairman Shin Su Yong and reporter Jung Ki Sun help them. Shin Su Yong gives all evidence related to Sangmuhoe to cut off his ties. Jung Ki Sun exposes that to the public, sharing the dark secrets and how they have been using NIS and the public for their mere political power.

After that scene, The Veil kdrama presents after a five-year timeline. Now, Chief Ha Dong Kyun has become Director Ha. Yoo Ye Ji and her colleagues Cha Min Cheol and Koo Hyo Eun have been promoted. Ex-deputy commissioner Do works outside the organization and even rejected reinstatement offer. Director Kang is in prison, paying off his crime, but finally, the burden has lessened. The same goes for Ji Hyuk. Ji Hyuk spent five years in prison for his crime, and now, he has been discharged. The Veil ending shows Je Yi was sending him letters but, he never once opened them. 

Now, he is outside; he answers Je Yi’s call and even reads her letters. Later, Ji Hyuk receives a call from an unknown number where he replies that he will think about their offer. Thus, The Veil ending shows Ji Hyuk dressing up as an agent to move with his next mission. Is he going to NIS? Or is it the beginning of something new? The ending of The kdrama has given some hope for The Veil Season 2. But will it really have season 2? Or is it the end? Keep your eyes on the news to know the latest updates about The Veil kdrama and its upcoming season. While waiting, you can re-watch the riddle-filled, suspense-crime action The Veil on Wavve, Rakuten Viki, and Kocowa. 

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