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The Tasty Florida Episode 7: Recap, Release Date & Spoilers

The Tasty Florida Episode 7
The Tasty Florida Episode 7

“The Tasty Florida” is a k-drama on its way to release its episode 7. The mini-series is one of the most loved BLs out there right now. The story features how a guy, who is new to the city, joins the staff of the café. And with every passing day, he keeps on falling in love with the head chef and the owner of the café. Directed by Yang Kyeong Hui, the show is soon coming towards its end, breaking the hearts of the fans. The show stars Yoo Hwan, Cha Woo Min, Moon Kang Hyuk, Zeze, and Jun in the lead cast.

As Seo Hae Won moves to Seoul, walking up to the place, he is going to stay. His mother’s voice is ringing in his head. As he replays the conversation about why he wants to move to the big city while there are jobs back there. Taking in the scenery, as he gets back to reality, he hears his suitcase sliding back the sliding road. As he turns back and runs to catch it, he himself is on the verge of falling. That is when a guy comes up, catching the suitcase with a hand. And Hae Won with the other, both of them looking deep into each other’s eyes. As the guy asks him if he’s new here, he goes on to drop him at the guest house Hae Won is going to stay at.

The Tasty Florida Episode 7

The Tasty Florida Episode 7: Ji Soo saying he will teach Hae Won how to cook

Living In The New City

As Hae Won talks with the owner of the guest house, who is also a friend of his mother. Listening to all the rules, he was already homesick. Getting to know that the terrace of the house has a “jjajangmyeon” place. Why are people so excited about the usual noodles. As he climbs up the stairs, he finds the restaurant “Tasty Florida”. Behind the counter, he sees the guy who saved him and his suitcase from falling, along with another attractive guy with the thought of why Seoul has so many attractive guys. As the restaurant is looking for a new staff member to join. Looking at Hae Won eating quietly in the corner, Cha Ji Soo suggests letting him in. But the head chef, Eun Gyu, is against it as Hae Won doesn’t know how to cook.

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Not being able to find anyone, the staff of “Tasty Florida” has no one but Hae Won to let in. He is also doing his best to learn how to cook and working hard. Making his place in the group along with the heart of Eun Gyu and Ji Soo. As a drunk Eun Gyu spends a night in Hae Won’s room, Ji Soo is jealous and angry at his friend. But as Hae Won wakes up alone the next morning, he is also angry with Eun Gyu for not telling him how he feels. Looking at Ji Soo and Hae Won hanging out, Eung Gyu gets jealous and burns his arm. Taking him for first aid, as he looks at Hae Won, wraps the bandage. As he asks him what has happened to his skills lately, Hae Won asks if he needs some help.

The Tasty Florida Episode 7

Tasty Florida Episode 7

The Tasty Florida Episode 7 Release Date & Streaming Details

“The Tasty Florida” Episode 7 will release on October 15, 2021. Episode 7 will be followed by episode 8, which will be the final episode of the K-drama. The upcoming episodes will be available on the streaming site and app Rakuten Viki. Things are getting fiery in the restaurant as feelings are getting between friends. With both Ji Soo and Eun Gyu having feelings for Hae Won, things are getting complicated. As both friends and colleagues get into a fight at the rooftop restaurant over their love. Hae Won has no idea how to stop this. Even if he tries to go in, Eun Gyu tells him to leave him alone.

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