The Takedown Ending Explained: Who Was The Gunman?

The Takedown Ending Explained
The Takedown Ending Explained

Omar Sy’s latest movie for Netflix France has him pair up with Laurent Lafitte in an action-packed feature. Let’s look into The Takedown Ending and how it concluded the whole mystery. The Takedown is a great movie, brought to us by the same folks who developed Lupin. But what about The Takedown’s Ending? If you were confused by its ending and what it entails, you would have all of your doubts cleared up after reading our article.

‘The Takedown’ follows Ousmane Diakité, the head of Paris’ crime section, and his old friend and fellow policeman colleague, François Monge, as they investigate a brutal murder. The sequel sends Ousmane and François on another perilous expedition to the French countryside. A foreboding village, a mystery substance, and the heinous murder of a young man all contribute to an exciting caper.

The Takedown Plot

The film begins with crime division chief Ousmane wrestling a burly criminal into submission. Ousman’s techniques, which result in viral recordings of him confronting the criminal, do not impress his supervisor. However, the Paris cops division requires some decent public relations, so the hefty, good-natured police chief is requested to be the force’s new face. Ousmane declines and is summoned to the railway station, where a horrifically mangled body has been discovered.

The Takedown Ending Explained
Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte

Ousmane bumps into his old partner, François, at the crime site. Despite their years of feuding, François insists on accompanying Ousmane, and the two travel to French regions near Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. When the two Paris police officers arrive in the tiny village, they are met by Alice from the local police force. Even while their investigation into Kevin Marchal’s killing proceeds, Ousmane develops feelings for Alice and mingles with her.

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Kevin’s Shenanigans

Kevin is soon discovered to be a drug manufacturer and dealer. A complex brawl with a previous Kevin’s customer also causes Ousmane to learn that Kevin’s medications numb their users to pain. As the two cops delve more, they discover a link to the town’s passionate right-wing Mayor, Antoine Brunner.

Ousmane and François eventually pursue the politician to a private meeting where he plans a concerted attack on mosques, shelter houses, and other places where minorities gather. François diverts the raucous crowd’s attention while Ousmane collects their weapons and engages in a brief brawl with Alice, who turns out to be on the Mayor’s side.

The Takedown Trailer

The Takedown Ending Explained

An enormous and chaotic battle erupts between the two Paris police officers and the Mayor’s right-wing militia. Antoine tries to flee and ends himself at an immigrant shelter outfitted with explosives. He detonates the bomb, but no one is killed. Finally, Ousmane and François apprehend the Mayor and expose the conspiracy. Their boss, predictably, takes the credit.

The film then concludes with François as the fresh face of the Paris police Reputation management effort, which Ousmane immediately mocks. The film concludes with the two being summoned to the top of the Eiffel Tower for their next case, where they immediately begin pursuing a suspect.

Who Killed Kevin Marchal?

The death of 28-year-old Kevin Marchal sparks the investigation, although it is never fully resolved. The upper half of the young man’s body is discovered jammed on a train, while the lower half is discovered in the countryside. Ousmane later discovers that Kevin was shot and then fell over a bridge, where electric wires disfigured him.

However, the shooter’s identity remains unknown. Later, a damning gun is discovered in the locker of Carl Muller, a recently deceased nightclub bouncer. For a period, it appears that the case has been solved. However, Ousmane remains skeptical about the Sons of Clovis, of whom Carl was a member. According to the police chief, the rifle could have simply been placed in Carl’s locker. In the end, the guy who shot Kevin is never located.

The Takedown Ending Explained
Join this duo in an action-packed adventure

Who Was The Gunman?

The gunman is most likely a soldier of the Sons of Clovis. Given that most of the group’s members, including its leader, Antoine Brunner, have been apprehended. Kevin’s killer is most likely in custody. However, we cannot be certain. According to official records, Kevin’s killer is still Carl Muller because Ousmane never bothers to inform his superiors of his alternate theory. The Takedown Ending left much for the audience to keep wondering. With this, we are wrapping it up today here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article, and please navigate to our front page to get a sense of what’s new in the world of entertainment. See you soon, and happy streaming.

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