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Fans Are Already Looking For ‘The Sword and the Brocade Season 2’

sword and the brocade season 2
Trailer poster of The sword and the brocade. (credit: Wetv)

Is Wetv’s The Sword and the brocade getting a season 2 for good? Will we get to see more of Lou Yi Niang and Xu Ling Yi’s adventurous partnership? The Sword and the Brocade, set in China’s Ming Dynasty. It is a love story of General Xu Lingyi and embroiders Shi Yi Niang. Despite being born in a lower class, Yi Niang believed in women’s freedom, and they shouldn’t be limited to the household. She relied on her embroidery skills as her key to independence. But when the once highly respected Luo family was in a state of deterioration. She comes to redeem the family’s honor by forming a marriage alliance. Yi Niang became the wife of General Xu Lingyi.

Things were not lenient for her because Xu’s family was against her initially. Somehow she achieves their trust through her sincerity. Meanwhile, the arranged marriage between Lingyi and Yi Niang was cultivating into true love that a husband and wife share. Yi Niang successfully inaugurates the Xian Ling Pavillion, an embroidery workshop with the assistance of Xu Lingyi. Also, Lingyi does his fairest as a general to safeguard his country and alleviate people to improve their livelihood. The pair faces a lot of problems and their effort to support each other through thick and thin.

Summary of the Sword and the Brocade

Shi Yi Niang and her mother are returning home after living in the countryside for a while. On their way home, they stop in an Inn to stay the night. At the same time, General Xu Ling Yi and his men were undercover to catch the runaway pirates. The pirates were assembling at the inn to meet with their people. Coincidently in the same Inn as Yi Niang and her mother. They end up in a mess. As a result, Yi Niang was taken hostage. That’s when Ling Yi shoots an arrow at the pirates. As a result, both Yi Niang and the pirates fall into the river, but Ling Yi manages to save her.

The story advances as Yi Niang finds about her older sister. Her sister Luo Yuan Niang is the first wife and the mother of one of Ling Yi’s sons, Xu Si Zhun. She finds out that her sister is dying of an unnamed illness. Also, Yan Niang wants her sister wants her to marry Ling Yi because she trusted her to raise her son. Yuan Niang dies, and her death causes the Luo family to decides to replace her with Yi Niang. Although Xu Ling Yi is hesitant, he agrees to marry according to his dying wife’s wishes. Yuan Niang wanted Yi Niang to marry Ling Yi.

Even though those two get married, there was no love between them, and they didn’t know each other much. They are always awkward around each other. However, their relationship grows slowly, and they soon become comfortable around each other. And Ling Yi falls first for Yi Niang for her various charm and personality. The story largely follows them to their life after their marriage.

Sword and the Brocade

A still from the set of the sword and the brocade
(Credit: WeTv)

Excepted Plot of the Sword and the Brocade Season 2

We got to see in the first season that Yi Niang had to go against her mother-in-law, who already doesn’t like her. She even also had to fight against Ling Yi’s Concubines Qiao Lian and mistress Wen. In the end, she treated everyone around her with an optimistic and positive attitude. She highly relied on her hard work to gain the trust of the Xu family and gain her leadership. She also opened a Xianling Pavilion of the Embroidery Workshop and worked hard to pass on the legacy of her embroidery skills with the support of her husband. As for General Xu, he worked hard as well to maintain the peace of his homeland and improve people’s livelihood. He experienced many difficulties but was able to overcome them with his wife’s support and advice.

And even when the Xu family faced trouble, the two work concurrently to settle the disaster and successfully safeguard the Xu family. Additionally, they worked together to finally encouraged the opening of the sea ban. Since then, The country’s maritime trade prospers, and the coastal people live and work in peace and happiness. Eventually, both husband and wife fell in love with each other, understood each other, and faced the storms of life together.

We can get to see what happened to the couple after they fell in love. In the current season, we barely got to see the love that grew between the two. It was more platonic in nature. It will be fun to see the partnership they have has developed and more adventure they acquire together. A glimpse of their household life and their successfully running their business and duty toward their country will be shown. Also, it will be interesting to watch the two little characters of Ling Yi’s sons grow up. The drama can show how they have accepted Yi Niang in their life. Or maybe the feud in the family can be intensified. There are a lot of things as fans we are curious to know.

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Sword and the Brocade Season 2 spoilers

Main characters (Ling Yi on the left and Yi Niang on the right) Credit: WeTv

Sword and the Brocade Season 2 Release Date

The Sword and the Brocade is definitely on the table, considering the popularity of The Sword and the Brocade show. The drama did quite well in China. The drama is also gaining a lot of popularity worldwide as well.  The show is officially available on Viki and Wetv. The series is ongoing, and no confirmation is available regarding season 2. The production might have hinted a little, but the fact the show is still ongoing. It is a bit skeptical to say these early. No release date has been confirmed yet, or any information regarding the season is yet to be announced. Still increasing the show’s popularity, there is hope that we can see more of Yi Niang and Ling Yi after they have fallen in love.

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