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What To Expect From The Sword and The Brocade Episode 19?

The Sword and The Brocade episode overview

The Sword and The Brocade is an ongoing Chinese drama. The plot revolves around the ancient time during the Ming Dynasty. The story revolves around the romance the budding romance between General Xu Lingyi and the concubine’s daughter Shi Yi Niang. The story starts with the setting up of arrange marriage which was set up. Shi Yi Niang is from an extremely assertive family. She believes that a woman’s life or vision should not be limited to the household. She has learned embroidery.

This makes her think that it is a ticket to her freedom. However, the esteemed Luo family is in a state of decline which leads them to a downfall. There was the only way to save the whole clan that was through a marriage alliance. Shi Yi Niang is choosing to be she chooses to be the wife of Yongping Duke and great General Xu Lingyi. Things are not easy for her as the whole Xu family is biased towards her completely. Nonetheless, she wins over the trust and love through her optimism and sincerity.

Xu Lingyi also starts getting attracted to her because of her innocence and beautiful qualities. This leads to bloom love between them both. He wants to give this marriage a beautiful start and love. With the immense help of Xu Lingyi, Shi Yi Niang opens Xian Ling Pavilion which is her own embroidery workshop.

Xu Lingui experiences many set back as he tries to protect himself and wants to provide an improved livelihood for the people. He provides them a maritime ban. They face a crisis that spells the end for the Xu family. Xu Lingyi and Shi Yi Niang continue to support each other through thick and thin and their love bloom in the time spam.

Star Cast of The Sword and The Brocade

The drama The Sword and The Brocade is an ongoing Chinese drama starring Wallace Chung as Xu Ling Yi and Seven Tan as Luo Shi Yi Niang. They are the main lead of the series as the story revolves around the life and love story. The other major supporting artist of the series are He Hong Shan as Qiao Lian Fang, Daddi Tang as Qu Yan Xing / Lin Shi Xian, Wu Mian as Madame Xu [Xu Lingyi’s mother].

Fang Xiao Li as Madame Luo, Liu Yun as Madame Wen, Hou Chang Rong as Old Master Luo, Ma Shao Hua as Duke Jing Yuan, Lan Xi as Master Jian [Shi Yi’s teacher], Peng Yang as Xiang Yi Zhen [Xu Ling Yi’s 2nd Sister in law], Fu Miao as Madame Lu [Shi Yi Niang’s mother], Huang Man as Madame Qu, Yan Xiao Ping as Madame Wang, Sun Xue Ning as Hu Po, Sean Zheng as Lin Bo and Ma Bai Quan as Zhao Ying.

Character List Continuation

The other supporting actors of the series are Charry Qi as Er Niang, Yan Qin as Madame Qiao, Cui Er Kang as Xu Ling Kuan, Qiang Yu as Wang Yu, Ren Yu as Qu Li Xing, Zhao Chong Yue as Luo Zhen Xing, Yu Lang as Wu Niang, Samuel Gu as Qian Ming, Gu Ke Jia as First Madame Luo, Tian Miao as Nanny Xu, Du Yan as Mama Du [Madame Xu’s attendant], Li Lin Fei as Bai Zhi, Jin Lu Ying as Jin Lian, Li Zhao as Fei Cui, Qian Yi as Xiao Lan, Jerry Gong as Xu Si Zhun. There are many other supporting artists in the series.

There are guest appearances too in the series. Some of the guest’s appearance actor is Ying Er as Yuan Niang, Li Sheng as Madame Qin, Chen Li Wei as [Coroner], Shi Chen Wei as Liu Yong [Pirate], Li Feng Qian as Jiang Huai [Pirate], Xiang Yu Xing as An Xiang [Luo family maid], Feng Li Ping as [Physician], Zhang Zi Han as Qing Ming [young monk].

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Episode 18 Recap – The Sword and The Brocade

The series The Sword and The Brocade is an ongoing Chinese drama. It got on air on February 26, 2021, and will get off air on March 29, 2021. The series revolves around the love life of two arranged souls and how they fell in love with passing time. The drama screenplay is credits go to Cheng Ting Yu and is direct by Wen De Guang. The series is a historic and romance genre.

The drama is also named Brocade Heart like Jade, Story of An Illegitimate Daughter, Jin Xin Si Yu, Brilliant Heart like Jade and Lady Shiyi. You can watch the drama on WeTV, TencentVideo, and Viki.

The rating of the ongoing drama is quite great. The drama is given a rating of 8.1 by MyDramaList. There are 45 episodes in all. Till now only 18 episodes are released and others are going to release soon too. The episodes are released every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on Viki. Each episode is around 45 minutes.

In episode 18 it starts with Luo Shi Yi Niang meeting her teacher who asks her to join the embroidery classes and teach everyone how to do it. She accepts the offer as she likes to be called an independent woman. Also, she finds her freedom in working. She starts teaching the student. While she was teaching the student Qu Yan Xing / Lin Shi X was noticing her. She sees him and calls her inside they talk for a bit while in the conversation she comes to know about how he helps people and how he invests money and donates the money. Also while this all was going in the palace there was a huge problem.

Episode 18 Recap Continuation

Xu Ling Yi’s younger brother has an illegitimate son who is born and is 5 years old now. He takes him to the palace. Everyone thinks that the boy was Xu Ling Yi’s illegitimate son and the news blows like the fire in the palace. Everyone was around talking about the child. When Luo Shi Yi Niang comes to know about this he tells the truth about the illegitimate son of his brother. He asks her to take care of him as he is their responsibility. She calmly listens to her and does the same. Everyone in the palace gets the news.

The question that occurs is who will raise the kid. For the two wives of Xu Ling Yi pitch themselves. There is a test done to see who can take care of Feng Qing. Also, Qu Yan Xing was finding Shi Yi as she was not attending the class for a week now. To keep the secret Master Jian lie to him says she has some family problem. After this Qu Yan Xing went to the market are to see for something to gift Shi Yi. At the same time, Xu Ling Yi was also in the market to get something to Shi Yi. The episode ends on a sweet note Xu Ling Yi takes sleeping Shi Yi to the room. Shi Yi got up and acted she is still sleeping to get the warmth and love. The love is budding between the two and here the episode ends.

The Sword and The Brocade episode overview

The Sword and The Brocade Episode 19 Release Date

The Sword and The Brocade Episode 19 is going to get released on 8th march on Viki, We TV, and Tencent Video. In episode 19 a sense of competition can be felt between the two wives of the king who want to take care of the child. While the love is blooming between Shi Yi and Xu Ying the competition is increasing between the other.

She plans to hurt the second wife while she was running before the Feng Qing and fell. The drama is going to take some major turns and there are going to be some heating moments.

Plot Details

The drama The Sword and The Brocade is quite a great story related to love. The story blooms as it shows how two arrange souls fall in love. In the competition aggression love triangle everything is under one roof. Overall, the drama is quite pleasing and has some great ratings over the top it is interesting as the story creates suspense. To keep the freshness of the time alive the characters have played quite a great role.

Overall the drama is worth watching because of its screenplay representation, acting, and very well direction. The drama is worth watching once. It is a quite long drama the audience can get bored while waiting for the episodes and sometimes history turns boring too but the romance will keep the engagement alive. It is worth waiting for the episodes as the story is going to get interesting now how the fight begins the love triangle turns and whatnot. Overall, If you can wait then this drama is worth watching.

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