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Spoilers & Preview: The Sweet Blood Episode 5

The Sweet Blood
The Sweet Blood

What happens when a vampire wishes to lead an ordinary life and graduate from high school? The most recent ongoing Korean Drama, The Sweet Blood, depicts the same thing about a 118-year-old vampire. The Sweet Blood revolves around the life of Yeon Seo, who has to decide whether to save her friend or give in to her family. Moreover, the blood of The One also became a temptation for her. The Sweet Blood has vampire and their attractions to the blood of The One and features werewolves.

The drama is also available on WeTv, vLive, and Viki for streaming apart from YouTube. It is also a debut drama in the acting field for the casts of the show. The other popular name for the series is Daldalhan Geunom. Now, let’s know more about the next upcoming episode of the drama. 

The Sweet Blood Episode 1-4: Recap

The Sweet Blood starts with two high school students, wherein the boy is confessing his love to the girl. The boy also says that he wrote a poem for her, to which the girl replies him as being sweet. The girl starts moving towards him, and they began kissing each other passionately. However, we see that it is only the boy’s dream, and he is in the classroom. His classmate woke him up, to which the boy asks his classmate whether it is break time. His classmate says to him that classes are over and hence he is going home.

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The background narration from the boy, Song Meo Roo, says that he began having strange dreams from the day he got put in the same classroom with Yeon Seo. At one moment in the class, they also made eye contact. But, Yeon Seo went away immediately. Song Meo Roo, after school, saw Yeon Seo was put in a car by a woman forcefully. He went after the car thinking she is getting kidnapped. Inside the car, Yeon Seo and a man began talking about some wine and money. Then we realize that she is a vampire, and they do exist even in the 21st century.

However, vampires do not take the blood from humans directly but refined it into wine. Yeon Seo has the gift of a good sense of taste and smell and hence is brought as a wine sommelier. They were referring to something about The One blood after reaching their destination. The man with whom she comes is her father. But, Song Meo Roo also follows them unknowingly and falls. His blood attracts Yeon Seo and attracts everyone present in the room. However, Yeon Seo lies to her father for saving him. She leaves the room to find him and takes him away from the place. But, she also came to know that his blood is The One blood. Yeon Seo finds it very attractive and bites him but does not kill him. Thus Song Meo Roo came to know that she is a vampire. 

The Sweet Blood Episode 5: Release Date

The Sweet Blood Episode 5 release date is April 07, 2021, at 19:00 on YouTube’s B-Play channel and Naver TV. So, the streaming of the next episode is nearby and will take place after a day. It is a fantasy high school web drama that consists of fifteen episodes. The drama found its inspiration from S and NalChi’s webtoon, The Sweet Girl. Ha Han Me and Hwang Da Seul is the director and screenwriter for the drama, respectively. Bamboo Network is the production company for the series. 

The Sweet Blood casts are Song Chae Hoon, Lim Moo Hyool, Kim Eo Jin, Choi Joon Gu, Choi Eun Ho, Seo Ye-Ri, Kim Ji Woong, Kim Tae Hwan, and Seo Ye Ri, respectively. They depict the characters of Son Yeon Seo, Song Moo Hyool, Song Meo Roo, Ha Jin Seo, Do Hyun Je, Assistant Kim, Chi Woo Yoon, Son Ha Seok, and Kim Soo Jeong. There is no appearance of new casts as of now in the drama. 

The Sweet Blood Episode 5: Preview

The Sweet Blood Episode 5 will get more interesting as Yoon Chi Woo wants to go to school. Moreover, they have a werewolf among them in the school, searching for The One Blood. However, Yeon Seo hides the truth that Song Meo Roo has The One Blood and denies it continuously. Yeon Seo also lies to Yoon Chi Woo, confident about Song Meo Roo having The One Blood in him. Song Meo Roo also came to know about Yeon Seo and seeks her even though she is a vampire. The upcoming episode may feature how close they will get with Yeo Seo trying to hide about Song Meo Roo. Moreover, she is the fiancee of Yoon Chi Woo, which no one knows. Yeon Seo will also know about the werewolf as Chi Woo says that she will meet him soon. 

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