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Spoilers & Preview: The Slime Diaries Episode 5

The Slime Diaries

As an anime adapted from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime; the Slime Diaries will be revealing the journey of Rimuru and Jura Tempest monsters. In his journey, Rimuru lived a peaceful life with his nation since the war has just ended. All he wants is to relax and have fun with monsters. After finishing their duties at Jura Tempest, Rimuru and the others set out on vacation. The next morning, they arrive at the lake and set their camping site.

Rimuru told them that they had found a perfect lake at the Jura Forest as a possible location for a summer retreat. The girls enjoy looking at the view of the Jura Forest and comment that they never knew there was a great place like this beyond the forest. They wonder why Rimuru was hiding this from them. But they realize that he kept it as a surprise for their summer vacation. Shuna comments that it reminds her of her homeland in Lake Siss. Shuna is glad that the weather is nice today.

Previously on The Slime Diaries Episode 4

Gobta calls Rimuru and told him that they have finished setting tents. Rimuru told everyone to change into their swimsuits. Gobta can’t wait to see the girls naked, and the girls wonder how Rimuru will look like on his swimsuit. They both get dressed, and Gobta enjoys looking and sniffing the chest of the girls. But when Rimuru arrives, they both were stunned looking at his swimsuit. Shiona nearly collapses since she got scared. Shuna comments on what kind of swimsuit is that, and Ranga was also embarrassed.

Rimuru is wearing a swimsuit that looks like he has just come out of jail. The Demons that are locked inside the Demon Realm were also surprised at what this slime is wearing. They ask each other what Great Rimuru is doing, and the red flaming Demon comments that he is enjoying swimming in the lake. Veldora is jealous that Rimuru is enjoying it, and he is locked here plugging away at the analysis of Unlimited Imprisonment. The red flaming Demon told Veldora to focus on the game they are playing.

He finds that it is checkmate, and Veldora realizes that he loses the game all the time he looks away. Veldora is not interested in the game today and wonders what those things that Rimuru is wearing with the others are. The red flaming Demond reveals that they are called swimsuits. He also reveals that humans and similar creatures wear them when entering the water. Veldora wonders why they keep themself covered every day, but now they are half-naked.

The Slime Diaries

The Slime Diaries

Pervy Gobta

He looks at Shion’s chest, and when he saw the melons, he comments that the light is hurting his eyes. He asks red why they are totally exposed today, and red replies that it is the way they have fun. Veldora is impressed that Rimuru is still covering himself, and he comments that my boy. Red finds out why Rimuru is wearing the swimsuit differently from the others. He comments that it might be meant to mimic the Tempest Serpent or something.

Red reveals that the Demons that wear clothes and cover their whole body are the smart ones. Veldora realizes that he is a dragon, and he is always naked, and wonders if he is a fool. He comments that maybe he should wear clothes, and Red is surprised since they misunderstood each other. Gobta enjoys looking at the girls, but he wonders why Shuna is not half-naked like other girls.

He came with a bikini and a top, insisting that Shuna must wear that so that her chest will be out. That made Rimuru and Shion furious, and the two sent Gobta flying with a powerful blow. They realize that Gobta is pervy, and he won’t stop at anything to see the girls naked. Later in the evening, Gobta came back with a pulp face, and they enjoy dinner together. But Gobta was disappointed that he missed the afternoon view since he was sent far away after receiving those heavy blows from Rimuru and Shion.

Slime Diaries Episode 5 Release Date and Preview

Slime Diaries Episode 5 will release on Tuesday, 3 May 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can officially watch Slime Diaries online on Crunchyroll.

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