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Spoilers & Preview: The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7

Spoilers For The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7

The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7 teases to bring a hot brotherly duo who will embrace the screens and join the contestants on the new quest. Another journey to guess the fake produced place begins but before that, let’s take a look at what happened last time we were here. Why? Well, the coming episode has similar restaurants as the previous one. The last time on the show, the woman dominated the game. Furthermore, the first woman guests on the show made it stronger in turn. Thus began the guessing game.

The restaurants went from the popular ones to social media sensations to the ones running for years. Each is built by an ordinary man with his/her extraordinary dishes that make extraordinary money. But one of them was clearly fake. Each dish had an amazing taste, but each also came with its flaws. But were they really flaws or studio made up? That’s the job of the contestants to figure out. From mistakes in dishes to awkward owners to fabricated restaurants, here is everything that happened on The Sixth Sense in the last episode.

The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Previously on the Sixth Sense Season 2, we opened with what seemed like a dance club for the Sixth Sensors. The majority of women have joined the show with only two boys as the contestant. The first theme comes in called the Ordinary Millionaire. The team of the Sixth Sense has gathered ordinary millionaires who made money out of their extraordinary food. Among them, one is fake, and that’s what the contestants had to figure out. First is Tteokgalbi, with earnings of $2000 per day. The Second is a rice cake shop that went viral on social media. The third and final is yukjeon and gimbap making $50,000 monthly.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7

Team Solar and Team Moonbyul have formed. Their first stop is the homemade Tteokgalbi. Through the market and streets, they reach the clean store. But as the food is cooking, Solar notices many of the things. Jae Sook also figures out about the place they are taking seats at, being far away from the store and the boards that say opens at 11. They eat the delicious Tteokgalbi but later notice the other people not visiting the store. That questions how does the store makes such money.

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The next stop is the rice cake shop which is quite decorated and attractive. Apart from the store’s interior, they also explore the back where they make the dishes. This time shops aside, the owners are the ones the teams are suspecting. One thing is they are really nervous, or they are fake. There are times they avoided the questions or just nodded at each other. Also, when they observe the chef actually making the rice cakes, the mistakes were clearly observed. Despite the food being good, it was already obvious the place is fake.

Results of The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 6

The shop for tasting Yukjeon Gimbap is the last on the list. The doubts here are the fact that the place is too clean to be running for 19 years. Furthermore, the menus are too similar. Also, the wall here looks one from a set and is similar to the first place they visited. Although the place didn’t make sense, the owner did. So it felt real. Still, everyone took a second consideration of their observations and how the couple looked awkward. The voting began, and so did everyone. It was time to reveal. The Yukjeon Gimbap place turned out to be fake to close the episode. At the moment, Yoo Jae-suk leads the scoreboard with four wins.

The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7 is releasing on August 6, 2021, and will air on tvN at 8.40 PM KST. Five more episodes remain before the second season of The Sixth Sense wraps up. At the moment, none of the episodes of The Sixth Sense are available to stream officially. So expect a new episode every Friday following the seventh for The Sixth Sense.

The Sixth Sense Season 2 Episode 7 brings brothers Heo Hoon and Heo Ung as the guests for the show. Furthermore, brothers are welcomed in quite a Sixth Sense style, as seen in the last minutes of the previous episode. As Heo Hoon and Heo Ung adapt to the style of the show, various intriguing dishes make their presence felt. There are quite unique ones, and the game of guessing begins all over again.

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