The Shop Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, What To Expect?

Today we’ll be talking about The Shop Episode 1. The shop basically is barbershop the comedy with NBA superstars talking about current issues, and you get…’The Shop’. NBA superstar LeBron James has an HBO production on Tuesdays called “The Shop” it is produced by Maverick Carter, and it brings the significant sports and entertainment figures in a barbershop to discuss many topics other than post-game chit-chat. Take the cases of James Odell Beckham Jr., Draymond Green, and Candace Parker.

The Shop Trailer

The Shop

The show lasts half an hour, and its half an hour of identity politics, African-American humor, and some sports while making fun of things that the majority of America likes. The Shop is filmed at West Hollywood’s Barber Surgeon’s Guild.

This program makes use of heavy camera focus, close-ups and reactions to make viewers think they’re sitting down to talk about things that only famous rich superstars and their virtue signaling care about. More fuel and food for the celebrity culture worship of athletics and entertainment in California, there’s no actual approach to the problems that minorities face in this show, no giving back to the community, just rich guys talking about what they think is America right now.

The Shop

Identity politics currently has a country that has as a motto “E Pluribus Unum” playing Americans fronting each other based upon the color of their skin, religion or cultural past and this show exploits the narrative of oppressed and oppressor just like gamergate did.

The Shop Episode 1

In “The Shop” we see LeBron complaining about “White America” and why is it that he thinks that racial biases are still alive today despite the fact that he is a millionaire superstar with a show on HBO complaining about issues that don’t affect him because of his big fat bank account. LeBron regrets the fact that he went to a Catholic school, he resents the fact that he had white classmates and rejoiced in the fact that he had his African American buddies to go to the court with to play some basketball.

Decades after segregation was abolished, LeBron practices segregation in his own show, in his own terms and deals with a heavy past. Never you mind what happened racially in the USA more than two centuries ago, nowadays “E Pluribus Unum” remains one of the best mottos there is: “Out of many, one” One nation. And that is the true spirit of America; sure, you can watch The Shop and weed out all the problems and laugh about anti-white jokes or contemplate minority issues. But you must understand the background and the political agenda of entertainment today.

The Shop Episode 1 Release Date

The show debuted on HBO on 28th August 2018.

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