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The Seventh Day Ending Explained: Was Father Peter Possessed?

The Seventh Day Ending Explained: Was Father Peter Possessed?
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The Seventh Day is one of the few films that has come out in early 2021, and here we are to get its ending explained. This film by Justin P. Lange is a horror film that takes the classic exorcism theme of horror films and adds its own mystery to it. Here, we see a duo of an experienced and prestigious exorcist Father Peter and the young and inexperienced Priest, Father Daniel. But on the very first day of their partnership, they set forth on a journey to exorcise a young boy possessed by a demon. Starring Guy Pearce and Vadhir Derbez, The Seventh Day was released on 26th March 2021 by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.

Guy Pearce signed on to the movie as the lead role on 6th November 2019. Months later, on 27th January 2020, Stephen Lang, Robin Bartlett, Keith David, Brady Jenness, and Chris Galust were all signed up for the film. After this, the Principal Photography for The Seventh Day began in Dallas and New Orleans on 5th February 2020. While the film in itself follows a straightforward story, the ending is something out of the ordinary. If you happen to not understand it, we are here to get The Seventh Day Ending Explained.

What Is The Plot Of The Seventh Day?

The plot of the Seventh Day starts off with a glimpse from the past as we head back to 8th October 1995. Here, a young priest named Peter is with his mentor Father Louis as they prepare to conduct an exorcism. This ceremony was to free a 10-years old boy Nicky from a demon. But this ceremony has huge consequences as Father Louis is stabbed on his throat with a pectoral cross. But having failed to exorcise the demon, Peter had to resort to burning Nicky alive. Now in the present, after 25 years, Father Peter Costello had become a prestigious exorcist as he was appointed to look after Father Daniel Garcia who had just graduated from a seminary.

Firstly, Peter takes Daniel to a homeless shelter where Daniel was to identify the possessed person. Unable to do so, Peter asks him to say a name. This was the name of the demon as it makes an old lady indicate that she had been possessed. As Daniel fails to exorcise her, Peter takes it upon himself to do so. Next, Peter takes Daniel to the home of a boy named Charlie Giroux. He has just killed his entire family in the morning, and this was Daniel’s case now. Daniel begins his investigation by trying to confirm Charlie was really possessed. On meeting Charlie, Daniel experiences poltergeists as a pen pierce the hand of the forensic therapist.

They later investigate Charlie as they find out that he and his friends had made use of an Ouija board. This was the cause for Charlie being possessed. Daniel makes use of this Ouija board as he makes contact with the demon, who shows him visions from the time Charlie killed his family.

The Seventh Day Ending Explained: Was Father Peter Possessed?

Father Peter Costello

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What Happens at the Ending of The Seventh Day?

Finally, Daniel and Peter get permission from the Archbishop to conduct an exorcism on Charlie. For this, they go to the police station, where Charlie goes on a killing spree. He kills just about everyone on site as Daniel and Charlie manage to not be killed as they encounter a blood-soaked Charlie. He points at Peter, saying that he was the reason why he was suffering. Peter and Daniel manage to get Charlie out of the police station for the exorcism. And during the ride to Charlie’s home, Daniel calls up Father Kevin. They have a cryptic conversation regarding Daniel having to do one more thing before he is to join them.

During the exorcism, Peter leaves it all to Daniel as it was all upon him to save Charlie from the demon. But thinking it through, Daniel realizes that it was Father Peter who was really possessed by a demon. Father Daniel starts performing an exorcism on Father Peter. But as retaliation from the demon, Peter attacks Daniel. But Daniel can save himself as he stabs Peter on the neck with a pectoral cross. As a final resort, the demon tries to possess Daniel, but he can resist this.

The Seventh Day Ending Explained: Was Father Peter Possessed?

Father Daniel Garcia

The Seventh Day Ending Explained

At the end of the film, we see that the Archbishop gives Daniel some files. Within this, there is info on all the recruits that Father Peter Costello had taken under his wing. Father Daniel realizes that Father Peter had, in fact, been possessed by a demon during the event back in 1995. And since then, whatever priest he had taken under his wing, the demon had made sure to possess them as well. This demon was forming a whole network of demon-possessed priests. So, now Father Daniel was tasked to either exorcise or kill all the possessed priests, just like he ended up doing with Father Peter. Here, we learn that Father Kevin actually wanted the demon to possess Daniel. Doing so would have increased the network of demon-possessed Priests.

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