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Spoilers: The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 6

What To Expect From The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02E06?
The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02E05

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02E06 is giving us all The Curse of The Oak Island Vibes. Yes, it kind of seems like we will be digging in for treasure. There is a mysterious structure under the Ranch. What is it? Well, let’s find out. Recently on the show, the team of scientists tried to go head-on with the mysterious anomalies since they weren’t able to see them come out on their own. There is a theory of the ranch being a center for a portal or wormhole. So the team called a Rabbi to make chants that are for creating a portal. This led to footage from Thermal Camera, which sees a creature or a thing moving and disappearing.

The team decided to investigate furthermore on this thing which isn’t physical in nature. This led them to a person who has been on the ranch before. Furthermore, he had a similar experience of the portal theory about a bubble bumping near the ranch. So with a little experience, the guys marked the location to investigate. They used the old technique of Thermal camera and Rabbi chants again. But this time, the plan backfired when the team felt attacked with electromagnetic waves and headaches. What happened? Let’s take a look.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Recap

Previously on The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2, We saw the scientists investigate a moving object. It appeared in their thermal camera and has no heat signature. Suggesting it is not an animal. Taking a cue from Army Colonel John Alexander’s story, the guys believe in the possibility of a portal on the ranch. Weeks ago, they recorded a ceremony of Rabbi performing chants. They believe it might have triggered the thing they saw on camera. Because there are past experiences where triggering has caused something unusual to happen.

What Happend in The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02E05?

From The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 5

For more insights, Thomas Winterton brought in Steven Wall of the Sherman Family. Wall stayed on the ranch for some time and saw bizarre things similar to portal back in the 1990s. He told some disturbing stories and brought them to a location where he saw a blue orb. The team hopes to investigate it with Rabbi’s recorded chants and capture the moving object again. Guy Blocker joins the team as the Thermal Expert to see what the team has.

The chant was specifically for opening up a portal. What scientists saw was a spike in temperature only in that area. Thomas on the other hand, discovers a flickering in a broken-down house. While they investigated, the house they saw a blob moving in the field. The scientist believes whatever it is, it’s not physical. The next day they investigated the flickering to an incident similar to one at Mesa. Until Thomas walked in to introduce a network and security problem.

The Ending

The Ending Of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02E05

From The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 5 Featuring Travis Investigating The Anonymous Signals

Breaking down the Network and anonymous signal caused Thomas to have a headache. Similar to one had in 2019. After a while, even Travis starts feeling Dizzy trying to track down this signal. This leads Bryant, the head of security, to go and check on him. This leads Travis to go inside Silos, which protects humans from electromagnetic waves. Entering there quickly takes his headache away. The signal goes away, and both Travis and Thomas are better now. Check out the clip from the episode below.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 6 Release Date

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 6 is releasing on 15 June 2021. It will air on History Channel at 9 pm ET. Expect a new episode every Tuesday following the sixth for The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch S02 until the season wraps up. You can stream the second episode along with the rest of The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch seasons and episodes on the Official Website of the History Channel. The episode will be available to buy and rent on Amazon Prime Video and VUDU.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 Episode 16 is titled “Skin Deep”. The official synopsis of the episode says an investigator has come up with a cavern system under the ranch. The thing is, it’s right where the triangle is. One of the mysterious locations on the Skinwalker Ranch since the team begin their investigation. So the team is right on to dig deeper and figure out what this tunnel is all about.

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