‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 Release Date: Joo Hong Finds Out Tae Hyung Is Sol’s Father

The Secret House
The Secret House

Tae Hyung is successful in destroying all the evidence in Min Young’s murder case. However, in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26, Ji Hwan is still onto him for being involved in his sister’s death. Tae Hyung gets elected as the youngest candidate to join a political party, and he is over the moon. However, this will all go down when his crime is revealed.

Moreover, Joo Hong finds out that Min Young was trying to get Tae Hyung to donate for Sol’s transplant. This is the reason she kept calling him. However, when she confronts him about it, he denies it and says that Min Young was stalking him. Furthermore, Ji Hwan finds an important piece of information that proves Tae Hyung and Sook Jin killed his mother.

What Happened In ‘The Secret House’ Till Now?

We have seen that Min Young finds out that Tae Hyung killed her mother. To cover up his crime, he takes her to a secluded place by lying to her. Min Young goes with him in hopes of getting her mother back. However, her quest to find her mother leads to her death at Tae Hyung’s hands. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode, Tae Hyung decides to destroy the evidence that could incarcerate him. And to do so, he goes to the crime scene there. At the same time, Ji Hwan comes there and finds a blue cufflink.

Before he could get it, Tae Hyung knocked him out by hitting him with a plank. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26, Tae Hyung does not feel any remorse for his actions. Moreover, he is elected as the youngest person to join a political party. Furthermore, he keeps pursuing Joo Hong, and his sister keeps trying her luck with Ji Hwan. While doing so, Tae Hee almost spills the truth about Min-Young’s death in front of Sol. Because of this, Joo Hong warns her not to come near Sol anymore. Will Tae Hee lose Ji Hwan forever in ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26?

The Secret House ep 26
The Secret House ep 26

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Ji Hwan Threatens Tae Hyung

After finding out about the cufflink, Ji Hwan stumbles upon the video of Tae Hyung catching a thief. Surprisingly, the cufflink that Tae Hyung is wearing in it is the same one Ji Hwan saw at the construction site. After finding out about this, he goes to confront Tae Hyung at his office. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26, he blames Tae Hyung for killing his sister. However, as the argument turns into a physical fight, Sook Jin steps in. Ji Hwan warns both of them that if they are involved in his sister’s death, they will have to pay.

‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 Preview

Joo Hong goes to meet Ji Hwan at his office, but he is on leave. However, she talks to his colleague and finds Min Young’s phone records. When she dials the frequently contacted number, she discovers that it is Tae Hyung. Because of this, she concludes that Tae Hyung is Sol’s father. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode, Joo Hong confronts Tae Hyung about this, but he denies everything. Also, to defend himself, he explains that Min Young was stalking him.

The Secret House kdrama
The Secret House drama

‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 Release Date

‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 Release Date is 16th May 2022. While talking to her grandfather’s nurse, Tae Hee finds out that her mother has some connection with Mr. park. To find out about it, she calls the nursing home where Kyung Sun was kept for nine years. However, her mother stopped her before she could go any further. On the other hand, Ji Hwan finds a voice recording on Min Young’s phone, which confirms that Tae Hyung and Sook Jin killed his mother.

Watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 Online

The South Korean drama ‘The Secret House’ is a TV broadcast by the MBC channel. People from South Korea can watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26 on the official channel, and for international fans, there is no official site to watch ‘The Secret House’ Episode 26. So, to know all the details of ‘The Secret House’ episodes, stay tuned with Otakukart.

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