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The Second Husband: Everything We Know

The Second Husband Episode 25
The Second Husband cr: MBC

The Second Husband has been the latest buzz around the town. Furthermore, Second Husband is an upcoming South Korean drama that fans are excited about. This passionate romance drama will be making our hearts warm every day since it is a daily drama. The Second Husband brings forth a beautiful and interesting story with a bunch of talented actors that you will love. The drama focuses on a charming and quirky woman called Bong Seon Hwa. This kdrama will follow the story of her painful past and how she overcomes it. The Second Husband is written the very talented by Seo Hyeon Joo.

The main lead of this drama is Bong Seon Hwa. Furthermore, Bong Seon Hwa’s family is related to a confectionery company. Unfortunately, Bong Seon Hwa loses everything she has due to a tragic incident during her childhood. She falls hopelessly in love with Moon Sang Hyeok, who lives in the same neighborhood as her. However, Moon Sang Hyeok betrays her. The sadder part is that she loses her child and is framed for murder. Having had enough betrayals and tragedies in her life, she decides to get her revenge. If you want to know more about The Second Husband, then keep reading this article.

The Second Husband Release Date

This drama will be releasing on 9th August 2021. Moreover, The Second Husband is being directed by the amazing Kim Chil Bong. Fans are also excited because this drama is written by Seo Hyun Joo. Seo Hyun Joo is the mastermind behind amazing dramas like The Dearest Lady, Shining Romance, An Angel’s Choice, and Pink Lipstick. This amazing drama also has a star-studded cast that fans cant wait for.

The Second Husband

The Second Husband cr: MBC

The Second Husband is set to air on the Korean cable television network MBC. Furthermore, this drama will air every single weekday at 7:10 PM according to Korean Standard Timing and 5:10 AM according to Central Daylight Timing. If you are interested in seeing how Bong Seon Hwa will get revenge on everyone who has hurt her, make sure, you tune in to watch.

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Star-Studded Cast of The Second Husband

This drama has an amazing storyline and characters, and to top it all off, it has an amazing cast. This drama has four main leads. Let us take a look at the cast and the characters that they play.

Uhm Hyun Kyung as Bong Seon Hwa

The beautiful Uhm Hyun Kyung will be playing the main character of this drama. We have seen how talented Uhm Hyun Kyung is through her previous dramas such as A Man In Veil, Hide and Seek, Something On Your Back, The Good Wife, House Of Bluebird, and All is Well. Furthermore, Uhm Hyun Kyung has appeared in South Korean Dramas ever since 2005. In this drama, her character Bong Seon Hwa is charming and strong. After facing betrayal and tragically losing her child and family, Bong Seon Hwa decides to get revenge. We are very excited to watch the charming Bong Seon Hwa on our screens.

The Second Husband

Uhm Hyun Kyung cr: Getty Images

Cha Seo Won as Yoon Jae Min

The dashing Yoon Jae’s role is played by Cha Seo Won in this drama. Furthermore, a lot of people may relate to his character in this drama. Yoon Jae Min is the CEO of the confectionary company that is owned by his parents, Yoon Dae Gook and Joo Hae Ran. He was passionate about music and really wanted to become a singer but his parents didn’t allow him to. He instead was forced to go to the USA to get a degree in MBA. It will be interesting to see how Yoon Jae Min and Bong Seon Hwa’s characters are related.

The Second Husband

Cha Seo Won cr: Getty Images

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Han Ki Woong as Moon Sang Hyeok

As mentioned earlier, Moon Sang Hyeok is Bong Seon Hwa’s first lover. Moon Sang Hyeok is surely a character that will be hated by the masses. He abandons Bong Seon Hwa and their child for money, success, and fame. Furthermore, Han Ki Woong has shown his talents in earlier dramas such as Melting Me Softly, Mother Of Mine, Queen Of Mystery, and I Hear Your Voice.

Han Ki Woong cr: Getty Images

Make sure you tune in to watch The Second Husband on the 9th Of August.

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