‘The Second Husband’ Episode 65: Release Date, Where To Watch & Preview

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The Second Husband Episode 65

The Second Husband Episode 65 is going to be released very soon! Fans have been having a lot of fun watching the episodes nowadays. In the previous episode, Jae Kyung yet again played another bad trick on Seon Hwa. She framed Seon Hwa for leaking the recipes. Things have been going very badly for Seon Hwa. She had to quit her job in Daekook Confectionary and is once again falsely framed for something that she didn’t do. And once again, Jae Kyung was the one who had framed Seon Hwa. She even cleverly dodged the investigation of the Nam Ki Taek case by not turning in Seon Hwa to the police, and instead, she decided to fire her. It is funny how Jae Kyung is able to get what she wants so easily.

But Seon Hwa was able to get back to Jae Kyung very soon. She had unraveled the secret surrounding Choi Eun Gyul, and it was all thanks to her cellmates. When she was going for lunch with her cellmate, one of her cellmates told her about Choi Eun Gyul. Seon Hwa even got proof that is true when she was in the restroom. She overheard Choi Eun Gyul and her birth mother talking about how they will use the family just so they can get out of their financial crisis. Seon Hwa wastes no time telling Jae Min all about what she heard. Don’t miss out on what Jae Min plans to do in The Second Husband Episode 65 by reading the release date, streaming details, and predictions for the episode.

The Second Husband Episode 65 Release Date

The Second Husband Episode 65 will be released on November 17. The episode’s release date falls on the upcoming Wednesday. The Second Husband releases new episodes every day except for the weekends at 7:15 PM KST on the kdrama’s broadcasting channel. The k-series has taken over the daily kdrama world ever since its premiere on August 9. The kdrama had started out with 4-5% nationwide viewership ratings in the beginning. However, it now has over 8-9% nationwide viewership ratings. Furthermore, the k-series had started to air its episode a few weeks after MBC’s A Good Supper finished airing. And it will be finishing off with 120 splendid episodes by next year on February 2. The kdrama has been doing better and better with viewership rating as more and more people get more interested in its story.

The Second Husband
Still from The Second Husband

Where To Watch The Second Husband Ep 65?

Koreans can watch the kdrama comfortably on the television. The kdrama’s episodes are available on its networking channel MBC at 7:15 PM KST Mon-Fri. International viewers can watch the k-series on streaming platforms like Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. You can access The Second Husband Episode 65 Rakuten Viki only with a standard subscription. Also, now that if you are going to watch the episodes of the kdrama on Kocowa, the streaming platform’s service is only available in North America and South America. So if you try to access it from somewhere else, you won’t be able to use it.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

After about sixty episodes, at least someone is helping out Seon Hwa.  Jae Min is not going to sit back and watch someone play with his mom’s feelings comfortably. To make sure that what Seon Hwa was saying was true, he even meets the cellmates in the preview. Jae Min becomes a man of action and starts collecting things belonging to Choi Eun Gyul so that he can check whether she and his mom’s DNA match. Also, it seems like Jae Kyung is also a bit troubled by Choi Eun Gyul.

The Second Husband Episode 65
Still from The Second Husband

Choi Eun Gyul must have figured out that she could be the heir of the Daekook group if she kept up the act. Or she could have been demanding more money from Jae Kyung to act as Bit Na. It looks like no one is immune to Choi Eun Gyul’s annoying attitude. Fans are curious as to whether Seon Hwa will find out that she is the real daughter of Hae Ran. Or will Hae Ran find out first? Each and every person in the audience is excited for The Second Husband Episode 65.

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