The Second Husband Episode 60: Release Date, Where To Watch & Preview

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The Second Husband Episode 60
The Second Husband

The Second Husband Episode 60 is just around the corner! The episode had been full of fun twists and turns. Although many people had thought that the kdrama would lose its momentum soon, it has managed to keep the audience very interested. Over the past ten episodes, the k-series had been hinting that things weren’t what it seemed. It turns out that Seon Hwa is the real daughter of Hae Ran and Jae Kyung is the missing daughter of Bok Soon. Also, it seems that Jae Min is actually the adopted one. The audience has been laughing over just thinking about how the mothers will react when they will find out that their daughters were people they despised. Moreover, surprisingly Jae Kyung was the first one who had found out that Seon Hwa is Bit Na.

She even realized that if Seon Hwa is Bit Na, then Seon Hwa will be the heir to the company.  Of course, she didn’t want that to happen. As expected from her, she had devised a plan the moment she found out about it. Jae Kyung set up a person named Choi Eun Gyul to fool her family into thinking that she is Bit Na. Well, she seemed to be quite good at acting as she was able to fool everyone very well. But it seems that she wasn’t able to cast her spell on someone. Yoon Dae Guk wanted to recheck whether Eun Gyul is really Bit Na or not. And he had found out that she wasn’t. If you want to find out what happens in The Second Husband Episode 60, keep reading to find out all about the released date, preview, and streaming details of the episode.

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The Second Husband Episode 60 Release Date

The release date of Episode 60 of The Second Husband Episode 60 is 10 November. The release date falls on the upcoming Wednesday. The recent episodes of the kdrama had seen some delays due to the telecasting of the second round of the professional baseball postseason. Furthermore, Episode 60 of The Second Husband would mark the release of half of the episodes of the k-series. The Second Husband has been garnering attention for its interesting plot ever since the release of its first episode. The first twenty-thirty episodes had talked about the sorrows of Seon Hwa and everything she had been through. How Sang Hyuk, Jae Kyung, and Soo Chul were the reason behind her hardships. Surely, the kdrama had grasped the attention of many people as it has been gaining good nationwide viewership ratings recently.

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The Second Husband Episode 60 Release Date

Where To Watch The Second Husband Ep 60?

International viewers can watch the episode on official viewing websites like Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. To watch the episode on Rakuten Viki, you’ll need a standard subscription. And the only requirement to watch The Second Husband Episode 60 on Kocowa is that your current location must be North America or South America. Moreover, if you are a Korean viewer, you can watch the episode straight on their TV screens. Ready your popcorn to watch the episodes of The Second Husband Mon-Fri at 7:15 PM KST only on MBC.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

Episode 60 f The Second Husband is surely going to be very exciting. After watching the preview, fans think that Jae Kyung will finally know that Sang Hyuk has backstabbed her. As the audience knows, Sang Hyuk had been cheating on Jae Kyung with Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa knew perfectly that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of his old habit of betraying everyone. But other than that, the audience wants Sang hyuk to get a piece of his medicine. Plus, they are sure that Seon Hwa has planned something for him too.

The Second Husband Episode 60 Preview

Other than that, after watching the previous episode, many people think that Yoon Dae Guk will help Jae Kyung in hiding Choi Eun Gyul’s identity. This is because when the parents had found out about Jae Kyung cheating in the infomercial, Yoon Dae Guk said that if Jae Kyung wouldn’t be cunning, then how would she survive. What he meant was that he did;t really care whether Jae Kyung cheated or lied and actually appreciated Jae Kyung’s slyness. To see if this theory is true, don’t forget to watch The Second Husband Episode 60.

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