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‘The Second Husband’ Episode 58: Release Date & Preview

The Second Husband Episode 58

The Second Husband Episode 58 is going to be released very soon! The previous episode of The Second Husband had been full of fun surprises. Along with having fun surprises, the episode had also comprised of sweet scenes of Jae Min and Seon Hwa. One of them was when Seon Hwa found out that Jae Min had been visiting Sae Byeok. Also, when she asked him about it, he cutely answered by saying that Sae Byeok was happy knowing that his mom was doing well. Fans can’t get over the chemistry of Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won. Nevertheless, the audience has been in love with the pair.

Plus, this isn’t the first time they have been working together. They have also previously worked together in a kdrama named Miss Lee. The audience can’t stop replaying the scenes of those two. From the scene where Seon Hwa uses Jae Min’s worry doll to the one where Jae Min takes care of Seon Hwa when she becomes a new employee, the audience couldn’t handle the cuteness. It is amazing how they have evolved from enemies to good ‘friends’. The audience thinks it is also about the time they become an official pair. But some fans think otherwise as they are many episodes. If you are looking forward to watching Seon Hwa and Jae Min in Episode 58 of The Second Husband, keep reading to find out the littlest details related to the episode.

The Second Husband Episode 58 Release Date

The Second Husband Episode 58 will be released on November 5, which falls on this Friday. Previously, the release date of this episode had been delayed. This was due to the telecasting of the second round of the professional baseball postseason wild-card game. The kdrama releases new episodes every day of the week except for the weekends. Moreover, the airing time is at 7:15 PM KST exclusively on its broadcasting channel MBC. The Second Husband had taken over the time slot that had been previously occupied by a daily k-series named A Good Supper. Moreover, The Second Husband had started to gather a lot of followers ver since it aired its episode on August 9. Also, to those who want to know, the kdrama will be coming to an end with 120 episodes by January 31.

The audience can’t wait for The Second Husband Episode 58 now that Jae Kyung has found out about Seon Hwa’s past.

The Second Husband Episode 58 Release Date

Still from The Second Husband

Watch The Second Husband Ep 58 Online – Streaming Details

Korean viewers can conveniently watch the episode on their television screens. The Korean viewers just should be mindful of tuning in at the right time. As already mentioned, the airing time of the episodes is at 7:15 PM KST Mon-Fri on MBC. As for the international viewers, they can stream The Second Husband Episode 58 on online streaming websites. The websites which they can view the episodes are Rakuten Viki and Kocowa. You’ll need a standard Viki subscription for watching the episode on Rakuten Viki. Plus Kocoa’s free service is only available to those who are in North or South America right now.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

The last person who the audience would’ve liked to find out that Seon Hwa is Bit Na was Jae Kyung. Unfortunately, she was the first one who had eventually found out the truth. The audience is pretty sure that Jae Kyung will try to hide this fact with all her might. This is because if anyone finds out that Seon Hwa is Hae Ran’s daughter, then Seon Hwa will become the heir to Daekook’s confectionary. From the preview, fans know that Hae Ran and Seon Hwa will be told that they are mother and daughter. But they think that it’s highly unlikely that things will come to an end that easily. The catch may be that Jae Kyung must’ve something panned so that nobody other than her allies finds out about the secret she is hiding.

Where To Watch The Second Husband Episode 58

Still from The Second Husband

Besides that, we also think that the audience may be getting a flashback into Jae Min’s past very soon! If Jae Min is really adopted, they are surely going to tell us more about his adoption when he finds out that the real daughter of his mother is Seon Hwa. Lastly, don’t forget to mark your calendars for The Second Husband Episode 58.

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