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The Second Husband Episode 46: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The Second Husband Episode 46
Hanok Bakery Owner cr: MBC

Fans have been very excited to watch The Second Husband Episode 46. Fans have been left to think about whether Seon Hwa really is the daughter of Hae Ran? What could be inside the box Seon Hwa’s grandmother left for Seon Hwa? In the previous episodes, fans were delightedly treated with Seon Hwa rightfully taking her revenge on Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk. She is going to reveal every bad deed Jae Kyung, and Sang Hyuk had done. Also, the audience is enjoying how she is messing with them. She makes Sang Hyuk pity her and had lied to him that she has forgiven him. She did this so that Jae Kyung gets a taste of her own medicine.

Also, from the preview, fans were curious to see how she is going to deal with Soo Chul. Soo Chul is as guilty as Jae Kyung, and Sang Hyuk is for ruining Seon Hwa’s life. He had covered up their crimes ruthlessly. And even had helped Jae Kyung to get away with Mr.Bae’s murder by framing Seon Hwa. Basically, he is also a villain. To find out what Seon Hwa will do, don’t forget to read about the release date and preview for The Second Husband Episode 46.

The Second Husband Episode 46 Release Date

The release date of The Second Husband Episode 46 is October 18. The audience waits for the release of its episode every day. And think about what is in store for them on the weekends. Moreover, not only does the k-series have an enthralling storyline it also has an amazing cast that is sure to make you fall in love with them. The Second Husband’s cast includes famous personalities like Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Han Ki Woong, and Oh Seung Ah.

The Second Husband Episode 46

The Second Husband Episode 46

Uhm Hyun Kyung has a nag for acting in good kdramas like Miss Lee. Also, Cha Seo Won has made his name through kdramas like Liver or Die. And Oh Seung Ah has been the main vocalist of the girl group Rainbow.  The k-series even has a talented screenwriter, The Dearest Lady, and Shining Romance. With such an array of talent, the drama was sure to do great ever since the beginning!

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The Second Husband Ep-46 Streaming Details

The Second Husband is one of the most popular daily kdramas right now. It has been receiving more and more fans ever since its release. It had incredibly secured a 7.4% viewership ratings on its 39th episode. Many people have been religiously watching the episodes of The Second Husband ever since the release of its first episode on August 9. Furthermore, Korean viewers can watch the fun-filled episodes of the k-series on the kdrama’s networking channel MBC Mon-Fri at 7:15 PM KST.

Second Husband Episode 46

Seon Hwa cr: MBC

As for the international viewers can watch the kdrama on Rakuten Viki or Kocowa. To watch the episode of the drama, you’ll need to have a standard subscription. And Kocowa is not available worldwide. Although you can watch the episodes of the drama for free on Kocowa, its service is only available in North America and South America.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

One of the most popular theories going on the internet is that Seon Hwa is actually the daughter of Joo Hae Ran. At first, the viewers used to think that Bok Soon was the real mother of Seon Hwa, but now that theory has been contradicted by the most recent episodes. The previous episodes had revealed the fight that had broken out between the chairman Yoon Dae Guk and his best friend. It seems that Yoon Dae Guk had been disappointed that Joo Hae Ran doesn’t like him but likes his best friend. The jealously soon turned to hatred, and Yoon Dae Guk had decided to get rid of his friend.

The Second Husband Episode 46

Yoon Jae Guk and his friend cr: MBC

At that time, Hae Ran had lost her daughter and gave for her till this day. Upon finding Yoon Dae Guk’s real face, she must have gotten frightened of him and decided to fake her daughter’s death. Looks like there is a lot to expect from the episode, don’t forget t mark your calendars!

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