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The Second Husband Episode 44: Release Date, Recap, and K-Series Streaming Details

The Second Husband Episode 41
Seon Hwa cr: MBC

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of The Second Husband Episode 44. Seon Hwa’s personality change has made the audience super excited. She has changed from someone who was very naive to a person who is full of revenge. All the things that she has gone through have toughened her up, and she knows she doesn’t trust people that easily. Her perfect life was ruined by Sang Hyuk’s and Jae Kyung’s greed. Before she knew about Sang Hyuk’s affair with Jae Kyung, she was at the seventh heaven as she was finally getting married to Sang Hyuk. But her heart had crashed to the ground when she had found out the truth.

After the incident, Seon Hwa went through a series of unfortunate events. First, she had to deal with unemployment and taking care of her son. Then she had to bear the loss of her grandmother, who was her only support at that time. Then she had been falsely framed for murder when she was trying to prove that Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung were actually very bad people. Subsequently, Sen Hwa was sent to four years in prison. Following her release of Seon Hwa, she finds out that her son Sae Byeok had died while she was spending her time in jail. All of this filled her with hatred towards Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung. And ever since she has been going all out, fans have been rather actively waiting to watch the episodes.

In this article,  we are going to talk about the release date of The Second Husband Episode 44 and a recap of the most recently released episode.

The Second Husband Episode 44 Release Date

The Second Husband K-Drama series drops a new episode every Thursday. And as per our sources, there will be no delays in this week’s episode. So, The Second Husband Episode 44 will release on October 14. The Second Husband has been gaining a lot of popularity these days. The main reasons for its popularity are its plot and cast. Furthermore, the plot of the drama is seriously very interesting and deserves the recognition it has been getting. The screenwriter Seo Hyun Joo has made a comeback after six years. Seo Hyun Joo had previously worked on The Dearest Lady in the year 2015. An Angel’s Choice, Shining Romance, and Pink Lipstick are some of the works of the writer. Moreover, the drama has great names like Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. Fans have been praising them for their splendid acting ever since the drama has started.

Watch The Second Husband Ep 44 – Streaming Details

The Second Husband episodes of the drama are released Mon-Fri at 7:15 KST on its broadcasting channel MBC. Korean viewers can directly watch the drama on the drama’s networking channel. International viewers can stream drama on Rakuten Viki or Kocowoa. To Watch Ep 44 of The Second Husband on Rakuten Viki, you’ll need to have a standard subscription. Also, Kocowa is only available in regions that are in North America and South America. Furthermore, the episode that has the highest rating yet is its 39th episode. The 39th episode of The Second Husband had garnered 7.4% nationwide viewership ratings. But as for our part, there is no wonder this drama had been getting so famous.

Second Husband Episode 44

Seon Hwa cr: MBC

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What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

Seon Hwa has been giving the audience thrills while watching the drama. So far, they have been loving her way of taking revenge on Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk. At the beginning of the episode, Jae Kyung had been panic-stricken. When she was presenting for a meeting, her laptop had started to act weirdly and a message saying ‘ I know what you have done, you murderer!’. That was bad for both Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk as the incident would affect their reputation. Ever since then, strange things have started to happen to Jae Kyung. She had started to get parcels she had never ordered and had started to see strange things.

The Second Husband Episode 44

Jae Kyung cr: MBC

Little did she know, Seon Hwa was behind all of it. And later on, during dinner, Jae Min’s mother had brought a visitor. The visitor was none other than Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa had talked about how her boyfriend had betrayed her, after which the elders started to sympathize with her. She was making Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung guilty by using the parents. Nevertheless, the audience had enjoyed the episode of the drama very much.

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