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The Second Husband Episode 39: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Second Husband Episode 61
Jae Kyung and her dad cr: MBC

The Second Husband Episode 39 is going to be released very soon. With the sudden change in the story, the fans have gotten more excited to watch the episode.  The Second Husband has an enthralling plot that amazes the audience. Furthermore, the latest episode of The Second Husband had started with Sang Hyuk’s and Jae Kyung’s wedding. Everyone had been having a lovely time, especially Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung. The audience of the drama was getting pissed off because even after all those two had done, they were still enjoying their life peacefully. But Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk still have a problem. They haven’t told anybody else that Jae Kyung had a miscarriage. So people will start asking about the baby Sa Rang sooner or later. Fans think that something was fishy when they had decided that they would adopt a child.

As for Seon Hwa, she had been sentenced to four years in prison. And Jae Min had left for the US after the wedding had taken place. Things are not at all going well for both Jae Min and Seon Hwa. Things might also be taking a worse turn for Seon Hwa when Sae Byeok gets critically ill. The Second Husband Episode 39 might also be showing how Seon Hwa will be taking her revenge on Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung. Keep reading to find out about the release date of the episode and also what to expect from the episode according to the preview.

The Second Husband Episode 39 Release Date

The Second Husband Episode 39 will be releasing on October 7. October 7 will fall on the upcoming Thursday. Recently, the 36th episode of The Second Husband had been delayed to the rebroadcasting of The Veil, which is a weekend drama on MBC. The episodes of The Second Husband get released from Mon-Fri on 7:15 KST. The drama had started to air after the finale of A Good Supper. It had already earned a good audience even when it had started to be released on August 9. The series was able to gather a good audience due to its amazing story and also due to its excellent cast. The cast of the drama includes Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. And the story is masterfully written by Seo Hyun Joo.

Second Husband Episode 39

Seon Hwa cr: MBC

Watch The Second Husband Episode 39 – Streaming Details

In Korea, the viewers can watch the drama on its Networking channel MBC at 7:15 KST. As for the international viewers, they can watch the drama either on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription or on Kocowa for free. Kocowa is only limited to places n North America and South America. But ist does ay that it will expand its services to other countries very soon. The drama had recorded the highest viewership rating on its 20th episode by securing 5.3% viewership ratings nationwide. The daily drama will be having a total of 120 fun-filled episodes. With all of this, there is no wonder why this drama is being called one of the best ongoing daily dramas right now.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Episodes?

There’s a lot to expect from The Second Husband Episode 39, and we are going to narrow it down for you. Through the preview, the audience saw that Seon Hwa was working hard to get herself out of jail. She had managed to obediently follow orders which had helped her to get out of jail quickly. Although she was very happy that she would be seeing her son Sae Byeok, Bok Soon, and the others very soon, her happiness was soon crushed by a piece of very sad news. When she met up with Sang Hyuk’s mother, she found out that Sae Byeok was dead. Sang Hyuk’s mother told her that he had died of a disease.

Second Husband Episode 39

Seon Hwa nad Sae Byeok cr: MBC

Some fans theorize that Sae Byeok wasn’t really dead and that Sang Hyuk, Jae Kyung, and Sang Hyuk’s mom were faking his death. Remember how they want to adopt a child to cover up their lies? This theory could be highly possible as those two wouldn’t give an inch about doing something bad to Seon Hwa.

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