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The Second Husband Episode 30: Release Date, Streaming & Preview

The Second Husband Episode 35
Jae Kyung cr: MBC

The Second Husband episode 30 is going to be released very soon. The Second Husband is an ongoing South Korean daily TV  series. The drama has an incredible plot as well as an incredible cast. The cast of the drama consist of actors and actresses who do top-notch acting. The cast of the drama consists of Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Oh Seung Ah, and Han Ki Woong. Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won are working for the second time in this drama. They had worked together in the drama named Miss Lee. Moreover, Oh Seung Ah is popular as she was a member of the girl group Rainbow. She has even appeared in dramas like Bad Love and Secret and Lies. And Han Ki Woong has worked in dramas like the Alchemist.

As already mentioned, the drama has a very good plot. The plot of the drama revolves around the revenge of Bong Seon Hwa. Seon Hwa did not have the best childhood as she did not know who her parents were and were raised by her grandmother. As he grew up she fell in love with a man named Sang Hyuk who had also grown up in the same neighborhood. She felt happier as she used to think she has Sang Hyuk, hers and Sang Hyuk’s son Sae Byeok and her grandmother. But her world turned completely upside down when she found out that Sang Hyuk had been cheating on her for a long time. And after the incident, she suddenly started to lose people she had held close to her heart. An she had start to take revenge on them.

In this article, we are going to be telling you all about the release date of The Second Husband Episode 30 and what to expect.

The Second Husband Episode 30 Release Date & Where To Watch

The release date of The Second Husband Episode 30 is September 20, which is this Monday. The episodes of the drama are available on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription. The drama has been gaining more and more attention as it progresses. It had already gotten a lot of attention since the airing of its first episode on 9 August. Many people in the audience of the drama are hoping that the drama keeps up with the good work. Furthermore, the broadcasting channel of the drama has also reported that the drama will finish off with 120 episodes by 27 January next year.

Second Husband Episode 30

Second Husband cr: MBC

One of the greatest aspects of the drama is the interesting characters. The good characters of the drama include Seon Hwa and Jae Min. Seon Hwa is a kind-hearted person whose personality would be toughened due to the sad incidents that had happened to her. Jae Min is a gentle and nice-hearted chaebol. He wants to follow his dream to become a trot singer but his dad wouldn’t simply allow it. Meanwhile, there is Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk. Both of them are obnoxious and sometimes make them turn red with rage because of their shameless actions. The characters are truly masterfully written by Seo Hyun Joo. Seo Hyun Joo has also written dramas like The Dearest Lady, Shining Romance, and The Angel’s Choice. It might be safe to say he will get a lot of fans through this drama.

What To Expect From The Upcoming The Second Husband Episode 30?

Now, Seon Hwa is one step away from revealing that Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk were the ones who were responsible for her grandmother’s death. Although the USB pin was stolen from Seon Hwa, the witness was able to help out Seon Hwa again. Naturally, he had saved a backup file of the video so that if something happens to the original file he will still be able to do something. Looks like Jea Kyung and Sang Hyuk shouldn’t have touched his mother as that is what made him go all out.

The Second Husband Episode 30

Seon Hwa and Jae Min cr: MBC

And Seon Hwa and Jae Min as well seems to be in a very tight place at the moment. As Jae Min had seen Seon Hwa getting kidnapped he had tried helping her out but instead got kidnapped too. Even Soo Chul seems in a tough spot as he was ordered by Jae Kyung to kidnap Seon Hwa.

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