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The Second Husband Episode 20: Release Date & Preview

Second Husband Episode 24
The Second Husband cr: MBC

Second Husband Episode 20 is going to be released very soon. Second Husband is an ongoing South Korean TV daily series. Moreover, the drama has been gaining recognition for its interesting storyline and cast. The plot of the drama is based on a woman named Seon Hwa. She had gone through a tough childhood but her life seemed to be going fine for a while. She seemed happy when living with her boyfriend Sang Hyuk, son Sae Byeok and in-laws. But her life turned upside down for her when she found out that her husband was cheating on her with his boss Jae Kyung. And the reason he cheated her was that he wanted a share in Jae Kyung’s riches.

As already mentioned the drama has a super talented cast. The cast of the drama consists of Uhm Hyun Kyung, Cha Seo Won, Han Ki Woong and Oh Seung Ah. They have served us with impeccable acting and a perfect portrayal of their character’s emotions. Moreover, in this article, we are going to tell you all about the releases date of Second Husband episode 20. And we will be giving you a small recap of the most recent episode.

Second Husband Episode 20 Release Date

The release date of Second Husband Episode 20 is 6 September, on Monday. The episodes of the drama are available to watch on Rakuten Viki with a standard subscription. The drama keeps getting better and better with each episode. For now, we are learning about Seon Hwa’s past. How each and every character’s personality is like and how they might contribute to the upcoming murder. For those who are confusing the murder that takes place is supposed to be Seon Hwa’s child Sea Byeok. We know that Seon Hwa will never kill her own child, so many people are curious to know who had killed the little baby and why they wanted to kill a child.

Second Husband Episode 20

Jae Min cr: MBC

Furthermore, the drama had started to air on the 9th of August. The drama had taken over the time slot which was previously occupied by the daily drama A Good Supper. Also, Second Husband releases new episodes daily with an exception of weekdays. The drama has been so interesting that many people have been watching the drama without missing a single day. The writer Seo Hyun Joo’s amazing creativity naturally contributes to the drama’s success. Seo Hyun Joo has written dramas like The Dearest Lady and Dearest Choice.

Plot Recap

In the previous episode, Seon Hwa’s grandmother had gotten to know the truth. After Jae Min had told Sang Hyuk to cut all relations with Seon Hwa he decided to tell everything to Seon Hwa’s grandmother. As soon as Seon Hwa’s grandmother found out everything she collapsed to the ground and she got sick. But whenever she felt okay she got up and tried to convince Sang Hyuk and Sang Hyuk’s mother not to be so harsh with Seon Hwa. In the preview when she was meeting up with Sang Hyuk’s mother Jae Kyung had told her about her pregnancy. After hearing this she had once again fallen to the ground.

Second Husband Episode 20

Second Husband cr: MBC

Additionally, Sang Hyuk seems like he can not make up his own mind. If you had broken up with your ex and betrayed wouldn’t you leave her alone. No, Sang Hyuk isn’t able to do that even after all the pain he caused Seon Hwa. Although Seon Hwa’s grandmother came out of the dark, Jae Min is still in the dark. He still thinks that Seon Hwa is a ruthless person and a staker. And when he had a talk with Sang Hyuk he didn’t do it out of courtesy for Seon Hwa but actually did it for his step sister Jae Kyung. Jae Min is blindly following the wrong side as Jae Kyng is the one who is evil and not Seon Hwa. It looks like bad people keep using his kindness as their weapon. If he doesn’t find out the truth and if Jae Kyung takes over the company the audience would go mad.

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