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The Sanatorium Book Ending Explained

The Sanatorium ending
The Sanatorium.

What is the ending of The Sanatorium Book? The Sanatorium is one of the most popular books. It is so interesting. This book is the favorite book of readers. People who love to read books in their free time love this book a lot. It is a very different novel. Not only a lesson, but this book gives much relief also. The Sanatorium will help you mentally. Because this book also contained psychology-related content. The Sanatorium was released on the 31st of December 2020. After the Covid-19 crisis, many people were depressed and tensed. And during that time, The Sanatorium has really helped them. This novel is written by great author Sarah Pearse. Later in this article, we will discuss Sarah Pearse.

This book has all emotions and interests of readers. It has thrills, suspense, mystery, gothic fiction, and psychological thriller. The Sanatorium is one of the books which have all the contests. We can also say, this book has been written by keeping the interest of the readers in mind. This book is full of adventure and interest. It is a total of 367 pages. Sometimes it is hard to read a full novel because of plenty of time. And the curiosity to know the ending pinch you always. So, in this article, we will discuss the ending of The Sanatorium. And we will also highlight some interesting points from the book.

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Ending of The Sanatorium

The Sanatorium is a novel by Sarah Pearse. It is her debut novel which is immensely popular. The ending of The Sanatorium is so exciting. Margot will escape, and Will will be stabbed. Yes, this is so cruel to listen. Isaac and Elin were discussing the death of Sam. While discussing, they started arguing. Isaac says it was an accident. But Elin was not in favor of Isaac. Elin was with her brother at that murder time. Elin remembered details of Will’s death. She also remembered that Margot dropped something when she was attempting Will. Elin was continuously trying to remember something more. Then finally she finds out that Margot had dropped an envelope. And that envelope was including old medical records and some old photos of medical experiments on women.

Elin finds out a number that was printed on the copper bracelet. Elin finds out about the secret tunnel and goes for investigating. And they find Margot. Elin said that Margot was working with someone else. But then suddenly Lucas disappeared. She went to the hotel and finds out that Daniel’s body was actually founded in the hotel. But Lucas dumped him for not getting bad publicity. Things were becoming more worst and jumbled. Elin talked to Cecile and guessed who the killer was?  She went to the pool area and find injured Lucas. She told him that killer is Cecile. Cecile was 16 when Daniel raped her, and now she has taken revenge.

Cecile suffered a lot, she got a miscarriage and lost the ability to have children. She told Elin that Margot was knowing everything. Cecile then killed Adele. Lucas was helping Cecile all the time. At the last, Cecile and Lucas were arrested. Elin and Will leave the hotel, but someone is following them. Sam’s death is still a mystery.

The Sanatorium ending

The Sanatorium.

The Sanatorium’s Author

Sarah Pearse is the author of The Sanatorium. Sarah is a wonderful writer. Her debut was The Sanatorium. She is so talented. She was born in the city of Devon in the United Kingdom. Sarah has studied literature at the University of Warwick. She has also studied creative writing. Sarah has completed a post-graduation diploma in broadcast journalism. She has lived in Switzerland for many years. And then she returned to the UK. She has written many popular books. And currently, she is working on her book The Retreat. Most probably, the book will launch in the year 2022. Sarah’s book The Sanatorium is available on Amazon. Sarah Pearse is also available on Instagram. She has almost 7k followers on her IG account.

The Sanatorium ending

Author of The Sanatorium, Sarah Pearse.

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