The Saiyans Of Sixth Universe Are In Danger


It is time for Dragon Ball to welcome yet another fusion to its list.Dragon Ball Super set up Kale and Caulifla to fuse, and the preview for next week’s episode revealed the fusion known as Kefura

Kale is pronounced Keru and Caulifla is pronounced Karifura.
So The “Ke” from Keru and “Fura” from Karifura is combined to becomes Kefura!

Now when they fuse I imagine will be somewhere towards the end of episode 114 after Kale shows us her power once again against Goku and maybe they will pick up on some of the other fights as well.

Then as we have seen a potara fusion will happen to form Kefura. Except as we know about fusions they get often revealed for plot and story to demonstrate the power of something else. It is crazy we are talking about a potara fusion, but it doesn’t have an excellent track record for the duration if we remember Vegito.


Not to mention one part of this Kefura fusion is Kale and her energy and rage can run wild most likely causing problems with the Fusion as well. So what impact will Kefura have on the tournament? Well, it will be a fantastic demonstration of some power as they continue their battle against Goku.


The reason of having Kefura fight Goku makes sense because we are familiar with his power then with commentary from the stands it will confirm how strong this new fusion is. This is to build up how strong they are only to have them be defeated suddenly by an unexpected opponent.


They are just amateur fighters and careless as Caulifla was already saved from being eliminated once by Hit. Then both wanting to run in and help Hit without realizing and being able to understand what he was up too against Jiren.
So with power going to their head in this fusion, they will be full of even more openings for an experienced fighter to strike. Of course, a prime candidate to do that would be Frieza with his hate for the Saiyans eliminating Cabba and saying that Caulifla and Kale were next.

This is a likely scenario, but the big mystery of the tournament still hasn’t been revealed on the stage yet in the two hidden fighters of Universe 4. They have to be shown and have some grand entrance at some point. What better of time then to eliminate this new powerful fusion of Kefura.
Keep in mind when Whis was talking about them on the sidelines and stating how the Universe 4 fighters had many unique abilities and they could strike at a pivotal time in the tournament.

I just don’t see this fusion lasting very long and while it will be entertaining to watch. It would be an excellent time for the hidden fighters to strike and surprise everyone by eliminating such a powerful enemy efficiently.
I am not saying they will outright overpower Kefura, but they will have an opening, and it will be perfect for them to strike catching them off guard and throwing them off the arena edge to eliminate two warriors at one time. Which is another drawback of fusion in a tournament like this because you get a 2 for 1 in only having to eliminate one fighter.

Power is great but when Kefura least expects it and makes a mistake, and they will from lack of experience they will be open for this hidden enemy to strike. Then as every one’s jaw drop from this happening the two fighters of Universe 4 will go back to being hidden again leaving everyone to wonder when and who they will strike next. I think that would add some suspense and put everyone on edge about this new danger.

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