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The Ring Ending Explained: What Happens To Rachel And Aiden?

What Happened In The Movie The Ring?

What do we know about The Ring Ending Explained? The popular supernatural thriller Ring was released back in 2012. The horror flick was soon subjected to both commercial and critical success. Believe it or not but the movie grossed a whopping $249 million while the movie was made on just a $48 production budget. The horror movie gave way to several other sequences and more!  The hit horror flick spawned two more movies and became an inspiration for many supernatural flicks in the coming years.

The Ring is loosely based on Hideo Nakata’s Japanese movie Ring that was released back in 1998. However, the majority of the story was later modified in The Ring movie. The movie revolves around a cursed videotape that spells death on the person who watches within seven days. The murderous spree claims several innocent lives unless one person decides to unearth the truth behind the sinister videotape. Believe it or not but the director revealed that it rained almost every day during filming and it added to the overall mood of dampness and isolation. Let us take a look at all the details regarding The Ring Ending Explained.

The Ring Ending Explained.

The movie starts with two friends Katie Embry and Becca Kotler talking about the cursed videotape. Sadly enough Katie admits to watching the video and is killed moments within the confession. It was soon revealed that she was killed seven days after watching the videotape.  Katie’s aunty Rachel soon investigates the incident as she tried to find out more about the cursed tape. With knee-deep into the search, Rachel herself is cursed and has seven days to save her life. 


The movie comes to an open-ended note as Noah is unexpectedly killed by the vindictive Samara who is not liberated as assured. It was soon revealed that Samara wants to spread the cursed videotape by duplicating the video and showing it to someone else to save himself. This is the very reason why Noah became the poor victim of Samara’s wrath. Unlike Noah, Rachel manages to make a copy of the video. The tape is shown to be watched by Aidan.

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What Happens To Noah And Rachel In The End?

While the whole shocking truth about Samara being suffocated to death by Anna comes to the forefront, it was explained how Samara was tossed in the well, and she died within seven days. The last vision that Samara saw was that of the ring of sunlight around the well’s cap. While the authorities assure that Samara’s body will be buried so that she can leave this realm behind, it does not happen! Believe it or not but Daveigh Chase, who played Samara, actually got scared herself! Here’s the official trailer of the all-time popular horror flick, The Ring.

Noah is later killed by Samara as he also unknowingly watched the cursed tape. Unlike Noah, Rachel and Aidan survive Samara’s wrath. It seems like Samara wants to spread the murderous video and as Aidan said it was a mistake to help her after all. The movie ends with a question that even Rachel was not able to answer about who is going to watch the cursed video next? 

Who Is Going To Watch The Cursed Videotape After Aidan?

While The Ring ends with a big question left behind as Rachel asks Aidan to make another can’t of the cursed videotape. Fans were left wondering who is going to be the next victim who will watch the tape so that Aidan is spared. That is where the movie ends and leaves behind a gripping question. 

The All-time hit horror movie ends with not one but several questions including the one where it is surprising that Aidan knows so much about Samara’s whereabouts. He was the one who informed Rachel that Samara never sleeps. What happens to Samara’s body? If it was buried properly then why is her soul not set free as expected?  The movie gave way to several movies and fans’ theories alike. 

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