‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Director Jung Ji In Talks About The Cast, High Viewership Ratings, and The Story Behind The Show

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The Red Sleeve Cuff was undoubtedly one of the best kdramas that aired in the year 2021. Furthermore, the show not only raised the bars for historical kdramas but also shed light on the lives of court ladies. The Red Sleeve Cuff impressed fans with not just its touching romance but also the political drama that took place in the castle as the director brought forward a beautiful story. The fact that the show was based upon the real-life love story that took place during the era of the 22nd ruler of Joseon, King Jeongjo, makes it even better. Additionally, The Red Sleeve Cuff talks about the beautiful love that King Jeongjo and Royal Nobel Consort Ui shared. However, their story is not your typical kdrama love story.

The two of them have to choose their responsibilities over love at various stages of their lives. Not to mention, The Red Sleeve Cuff gave fans Sung Deok Im’s character that would live in our minds rent-free for years to come. Credits for this go to the beautiful actress Lee Se Young and, most importantly, to the director, Jung Ji In. In a recent interview, Jung Ji In talked about her thought process while making The Red Sleeve Cuff and the reason behind why the show was such a success.

Jung Ji In Talks About ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Achievements

If you have been living under a rock and somehow did not come to know that The Red Sleeve Cuff is an absolute masterpiece, then the 2021 MBC Drama Awards will clear all your doubts. Moreover, the historical romance drama made history by bagging the most number of awards. Both the main leads, Lee Se Young and Le Junnho, won the Top Excellence Award. Veteran actor Lee Deok Hwa who gracefully played the role of King Yeongjo, received the Lifetime Achievement Award. To nobody’s surprise, Lee Junho and Lee Se Young also won the Best Couple Award.

The two also made headlines for their off-screen chemistry behind the scenes. Jung Hae Jin, for her elegant portrayal of the intelligent Queen Jung Soon Kim, received the Best Supporting Actor Award. Additionally, Kang Hoon, who played the mysterious Hong Deok Ro, was awarded in the Best New Actor category. Last but not least, the screenwriter behind this masterpiece of a historical kdrama Jung Hae Ri was awarded the Best Screenwriter Award.

The Red Sleeve MBC Awards
The Red Sleeve cr: MBC

Not only did The Red Sleeve Cuff take home a bag full of trophies, but it also became the first MBC drama in two years to pass ten percent in viewership ratings. When asked about how she felt about the enormous success of the drama, Jung Ji In humbly replied that she believed The Red Sleeve Cuff would do good but never had she imagined that the drama would get so much love. Jung Ji In further added that she wholeheartedly trusted the script and the cast of The Red Sleeve Cuff, which paved the way for its success. Talking about the high viewership ratings of the drama, Jung Ji In said that high viewership was never the goal, but she is very thankful. Moreover, she revealed that a lot of co-workers rang in to congratulate her.

Jung Ji In Talks About The Cast

Lee Junho of the famous Kpop group 2 PM made his comeback with this sensational drama. It would be unfair to say that he got lucky with The Red Sleeve Cuff because his phenomenal acting was a huge reason behind its success. And the director of The Red Sleeve Cuff, Jung Ji In, also agrees. Furthermore, Jung Ji In stated that she believes that both Lee Junho and Lee Se Young would have had successful careers even without this drama. Additionally, Jung Ji In was all praised for the professionalism of the two actors. She revealed that one unique thing about Lee Se Young is that she never monitored her performance. When Jung Ji In asked her why she did not do so, Lee Se Young responded that it was simply because she trusted her.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Director cr: 2021 MBC Awards

Moreover, Jung Ji In also revealed that when it comes to the acting process, both Lee Jun Ho and Lee Se Young had contrasting methods. On the one hand, Lee Se Young would never leave her script and would keep adding notes for herself. Whereas on the other, Lee Junho would never touch his script and would come to the set with all his lines memorized. Jung Ji In also added that she wonders if she will ever get to make a kdrama as special as The Red Sleeve Cuff. Netizens cannot wait to see what more Director Jung Ji In has in store after The Red Sleeve Cuff.

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