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Spoilers And Recap: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20

Battles Brewing In RHOA REUnion
First Look Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 13 Reunion, Credits: Bravo Media

The thirteenth season of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta come to full circle. We are amidst the three-part finale titled “Reunion”. So gosh, things are boiling, arent they, with accusations thrown here and there. Kenya has found herself amidst all these fights as she went ahead with Porsha first and Drew then. The crew is still figuring out Drew and her thing with Kenya’s marriage breaking down as she gets called out for that. Plus, we hear from Ralph himself on his relationship with Drew. Where will this all end? All in The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20.

After what went down with LaToya previously, her relationship with Kenya is in question? Plus Kenya might be once again judged for her serving on a trip previously. The reunion has really turned bittersweet, and we gotta learn more about what is going down and how will it end? Because apart from the fun stuff as dressings and singing, mean tweets and judgments are part of it. So let’s take a look at what happened previously on RHOA and what we can expect from the upcoming 20th episode of the thirteenth season.

Recap For The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The Reunion has begun for the Real Housewives Of Atlanta as the season comes to another sweet end. The theme for the party is a dungeon, and we see the ladies getting ready in all black. Everyone enters the studio, some happy with each other, some not. Back to Andy Cohen, as everyone greets the host. Brace ourselves as we are about to witness a slight battle building up between Kenya and Porsha. The discussion began with Kenya sharing her experience of losing weight, on the other hand, Porsha talked about gaining it with Ham over Ham. From eating to pig to alligator, Cohen questions her about being Vegan, with Porsha replying being a confused Vegan.


As the discussion went deep, Cohen praised Porsha for her social work. Of course, fighting for society as well as one’s own relationship at the same time is not many can do. Kenya, the other way, felt left out. Thus, leading to a battle of accusations between them. Each trying to tell the better of themselves. Cohen decided to switch to more serious issues and asked Porsha about Dennis and Kenya about her divorce. As Kenya admits of Mark taking back the alimony being the reason and next to the questioning is taken to Drew. Another battle breaks out with both women calling each other out.

Kenya and Porsha Throw Accusations after Accusations At Each Other

A Still From Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 19 Featuring Porsha and Kenya, Credits: Bravo Media

The questioning begins with Drew, who is so into Kenya and her marriage breaking down. Drew counter-attacks by stating Kenya called her astray. Things got heated with Kenya asking Drew about her ex being in jail. Drew clears the fact that he isn’t in jail until further discussion. Coming to them, Andy talks about Drew’s partner Ralph leaving suddenly, which didn’t fit right with him. He always saw them as a team when he saw them discussing with her son to grow up with his biological father.


On the other side of things, Kandi shares her experience of winning the custody of her daughter. Another battle between Kenya and Drew broke out over some tweets. Andy takes us to Ralph himself, who claimed to want to be relaxed. Drew, for now is okay after truth counseling and accuses Kenya of being not good around when Ralph flirting too much of Kenya’s denial.

Drew and Ralph meet with questions on their relationship

A Still From Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20 Reunion Part 2 Featuring Drew and Ralph, Credits: Bravo Media

The episode ends with a mishap. LaToya, Kenya’s friend, calls her over and tells Drew’s assistant came to her and gave her vitamin C stating Drew told her she was sick. LaToya joins the stage going all out and talked about what went down to close the episode.

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20 Release Date

The Real House Wives Of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20 is releasing on 2 May 2021 on Bravo at 8/7c. Post the 20th episode, we are just one episode away from wrapping up the thirteenth season. The 20th episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 will also be available to stream on FuboTV. The episodes will also be available to buy or rent on video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime, Microsoft Store, VUDU, and iTunes. Check out the official quick look at the thirteenth season of the Bravo show below with a quick rundown on what we can expect from the upcoming 20th episode.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 20 continues the Reunion finale of the season. The official synopsis of the episode teases the cast will relive their times of South Carolina trip. Plus, they will give their opinions on how they liked or not liked Kenya’s service. Furthermore, the ending moments of the 19th episode gave us a few glimpses as well. We saw some auntie wear discussion coming, singing over a meal, and some mean tweets coming in as well. Furthermore, we are also in for discussing more Kenya and LaToya’s relationship moving on.

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