The Real Dirty Dancing Filming Locations & Sets

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The Real Dirty Dancing
The Real Dirty Dancing

A dance reality show usually has the same concept but The Real Dirty Dancing is different from the usual reality shows. The Real Dirty Dancing aired on television in 2019. The concept of The Real Dirty Dancing is quite unique. It is derived from the Dirty Dancing movie where celebrities come and participate in the show. They try to imitate the steps they learn from renowned choreographers. 

The contestants of The Real Dirty Dancing visits exotic locations. The series has beautiful lodges which offer exclusive facilities to the contestants which makes their stay comfortable and memorable. For a dance reality show, filming locations become the next level of a task as everything needs to be perfect. The filming location of the dance reality shows is often loved by the audiences. So here we shall look at the filming locations of the dance reality show ‘The Real Dirty Dancing’.

The Real Dirty Dancing: What It Is All About?

The film ‘Dirty Dancing’ inspired The Real Dirty Dancing. In 1987, the film was released. The film was a huge success. Because Dirty Dancing has made a reputation for itself, the creators had to live up to the expectations of the public. As a result, fans of The Real Dirty Dancing are anticipating a lot more from the show. In 2019, the series premiered on the Seven Network.

The Cast Of The Real Dirty Dancing
The Cast Of The Real Dirty Dancing

The show has featured eight celebs and all of them were best of best. The contestants of The Real Dirty Dancing are Hugh Sheridan, Jessica Rowe, Jamie Durie, Anne Edmonds, Stephanie Rice, Firass Dirani, Jude Bolton, and Anna Heinrich. All the celebrities were trained by renowned choreographers named, Todd McKenney and Kym Johnson. All of them learned the dance steps from the Dirty Dancing movie. They also revisited the locations where the film was shot in order to give viewers the feel of the real movie. The contestants also recreated some of the moments from the movie. There were four episodes of The Real Dirty Dancing. 

The Real Dirty Dancing: Filming Locations

The Filming of the movie takes a lot of time and it has to be the best part. This is because some fans watch the film only for the scenic and picturesque views. The production crew returned to the same location where the magic happened to film the series. Fans will recall the location as a lovely resort in the center of Virginia with a rich history.

 The original movie had a lot of heart-touching scenes and the makers have taken all the efforts to recreate those scenes. Mountain Lake Lodge was the primary location where the filming of The Real Dirty Dancing took place. The resort lies in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. 115 Hotel Circle in Pembroke, popularly known as the Gateway to the Cascades, is where the resort is located. The Cascades is a wonderful hiking path that includes a naturally occurring waterfall. 

Mountain Lake Lodge
Mountain Lake Lodge

The Idyllic Resort was another location where the filming of the series “The Real Dirty Dancing” was done. The resort provided a number of exclusive facilities to the contestants and the location of the resort was perfectly set to film a dance reality show. Mountain Lake Resort’s President and CEO, Heidi Stone, expressed her delight at the opportunity to expose the lodge to a national audience. The setting is absolutely exceptional, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to not just die-hard ‘Dirty Dancing’ enthusiasts, but also hikers and visitors in general. 

Main Stone Lodge was another location for the filming of the movie. The lodge had breathtaking mountain views and the cast had enjoyed the scenic beauty a lot. The cast of the film enjoyed hanging out at this lodge a lot. There was a rooftop restaurant that was extremely beautiful and served as the filming location. The name of the restaurant was Harvest Resort. Another filming location where The Real Dirty Dancing was filmed was Gazebo on the point. The location was used by the choreographers to make the contestants learn the salsa dance form. The series indeed was a blend of amazing picturesque locations. The mesmerizing locations have created the next level of fan base and the viewers are eagerly waiting that the makers to announce the next season of The Real Dirty Dancing. 

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