The Ranch Part 6 Release Date On Netflix: Rumors, Cast, Details

The Ranch Part 6 Release Date On Netflix

The Ranch Part 5 or you can call it, The Ranch Season 3 Part 1 came out back in June, and it was an instant success. Lately, the show gaining quite a bit of attention, one is because of its growing popularity, and the other is Danny Masterson, and that’s a talk for some other time. In this post, we will be talking about The Ranch Season 3 Part 2 / The Ranch Part 6 possible release date, cast, rumors, and details.

The Ranch Part 6 – Everything We Know

This post contains minor spoilers from the fifth season, so if you haven’t finished the fifth season yet, then read at your own risk. For those who aren’t aware of the story that The Ranch follows, here’s a little bit of information for you guys –

“The Ranch is a Netflix comedy series taking place on Iron River Ranch in a town of Garrison, Colorado. The story of this series revolves around the Bennetts, which is a dysfunctional family consisting of two brothers, their rancher father, and his divorced wife and local bar owner.”

The Ranch Part 6 cast will most likely include the following, and if there are any changes to this, we will update this post. Ashton Kutcher as Colt Bennett, Debra Winger as Maggie Bennett, Sam Elliot as Beau Bennett, Grady Lee Richmond as Hank, Elisha Cuthbert as Abby, and Megyn Price as Mary.

Now, coming to the release date rumors on The Ranch Part 6. There have been many rumors floating around about the release date of The Ranch Part 6 or Season 3 Part 2, and it looks like that we might get the show sooner than we expected.

The first season of the Ranch came out on April 1, 2016, following that the second part of the first season was released on October 7, 2016. We had about a six-month gap between part 1 and part 2, following that, the second season was released June 16, 2017, and the second part of the second season was released on December 15, 2018, that’s a six-month gap again.

Now, coming back to the main topic, The Ranch Season 2 Part 1 came out on June 15, 2018, and if we follow the same schedule like its previous seasons, then the Ranch Season 3 Part 2 should be coming out in December 2018 or January 2019 at max.

Here’s how the show has been released over the years:

Season 1 (Part 1) — April 1, 2016.
Season 1 (Part 2) — October 7, 2016.
Season 2 (Part 3) — June 16, 2017.
Season 2 (Part 4) — December 15, 2017.
Season 3 (Part 5) — June 15, 2018.
Season 3 (Part 6) — December 2018 – January 2019?

Again, nothing is confirmed, this is pure speculation. Also, we have news that Ashton Kutcher is going to return in The Ranch Part 6 to play Colt Reagan Bennett. It was already expected as Danny Masterson won’t be coming back to the show because he has multiple sexual assault charges against him.

That’s all the information we have on The Ranch Part 6. We will update you with the latest news and information on the series, as soon as we get our hands on it.