The Purge Season 1 Episode 5: Rise Up – Live Stream And Where To Watch Online Now?

In this post, we are going to talk about The Purge season 1 episode 5 release date, where to watch and spoilers. In the fourth episode, we saw that nuns took Penelope to Carnival of Flesh. The carnival name itself is very horrifying, and they really mean what they say.

Human trafficking at best, as humans are sold off in the carnival to crowd. The same happened with Penelope, and she was bought quickly by a creepy man. Noticeably, Penelope knew that man, and she was not happy to see him again. So, let’s talk more about the same ahead.

The show is now four episodes deep, and the fifth episode will drop this week. The fifth episode of The Purge season 1 is all set to release on 2 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on the USA channel every Tuesday at 10 PM.

The show can be viewed on the USA app, which is one of the best ways to watch USA channel shows. Also, there are numerous online streaming service providers such as Hulu, Roku, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and many more who have access to USA channel to view the show at the mentioned time.

Miguel was trying hard to save his sister, and he asks help from Pete. Pete took him to Rex, the Cowboy as he can help him resolve the issue. He took Miguel to Carnival of Flesh, and he saw nuns hanging over there. Also, we saw Jane right where the show left her, near to Mark’s dead body. Then she blames on Allison for killing him just to secure career. But Jane, you are the same kind of person as you also hired an assassin to kill David.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Catalina warning Jenna, but not sure about what. You know what? This show really gives out nothing on what is going to happen and gives just one or two liner synopsis which makes hard to guess what is going to happen in the upcoming episode. Moreover, we will see Henry making Penelope suffer. Poor Penelope, I hope that Miguel finds her soon.

We saw a group of women called Matron Saints saved Jane from a rape incident in the last episode. So, we will see Jane going out with Matron Saints to have some good time along with them.

You cannot download The Purge season 1 episode 5 anywhere online!

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