The Promised Neverland Episode 4 Spoilers And Update

The introduction of one more adult in their home left Emma, Ray, and Norman with a huge problem in their hands. It will definitely raise the stakes and it will raise the hype for the next episode. Before we begin, I would like to warn you that this post is full of spoilers and if you don’t like spoilers then it is advised that you stop reading right now. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

In the previous episode, we saw Krone talking to Isabella about the current situation in the house. Isabella forwarded the information of the kids to Krone. However, Isabella might come to regret it later. Krone doesn’t want to help out Isabella in the slightest. She only wants to rat out Isabella and gain the status of a “Mom”. Emma managed to find out the tracking device while inspecting Naila.

Krone also played tag with the children in order to test out what they are capable of. Krone managed to catch almost everyone but, Ray and Norman. The two managed to avoid being caught by Krone. Krone was surprised to see the difference between the regular kids and the trio.

At the end of the episode, we saw Ray and Norman figuring out that there is a traitor among the children. So, they are trying to figure out who the traitor is. Now moving on to the next episode. We will see Emma, Norman, and Ray working their brains to find out the traitor. The primary suspect is Gilda and it will be interesting to see whether Emma can really handle Gilda being the traitor.

The episode will be released on January 31, 2019.

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