The Promised Neverland Chapter 99 – The Secret Ally

The Promised Neverland Chapter 99

After the event in Goldy Pond, a new arc opens for The Promised Neverland. Two new characters are introduced in the last chapter. One is an enemy that plans to chase Emma and her family. The other one is an unknown ally that somehow managed to live alone in the desert. Is he the only ally? Or is there other followers of William Minerva inside the Demon World? We will know more on The Promised Neverland chapter 99.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 99 – New Ally

It has been one and a half month after the Goldy Pond incident happened. The children and the two adults managed to live there peacefully and happily for a while. In the planning side of things, Emma and Ray finally contacted one of their allies. This man’s name is still not mentioned, but it seems like he’s the only remaining from all of Minerva’s allies.

One of the things that are worth mentioning is the pen that Norman got from Sister Krone. Just before her death, Sister Krone had a flashback to when she saw a human in the plantation. That human purposely dropped the pen, and at some point, she received a letter. The letter is probably on how to use the pen, which she sneaked to Norman’s drawer.

Is the Doctor that dropped the pen for Krone an ally? Is he still alive or one of those people that Peter Ratri executed? How many allies do the children have inside the demon world?

The Promised Neverland Chapter 99 – New Enemy

Either they find an ally or not, the children are already being hunted down by Peter Ratri and one of his men. The name of this new character is Andrew, and he might be one of the most intelligent humans in the demon world. However, the new ally (who covers the track of the children) might be smarter than him because he was able to lure Andrew into the wrong shelter.

Is this man a Ratri? There’s a chance that he’s also a Ratri because of his white hair. However, the Ratris have a white complexion, so it doesn’t really add up. Although physical appearance seems to rule out that Andrew is Andrew Ratri, there are also several factors to can prove it otherwise. Why would Peter Ratri send another human to hunt other humans? Is he worried that the Demon Lord will find out about this escape? We will find out more in the next chapters.


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