The Promised Neverland Chapter 99 – Old Characters Are Back?

The Promised Neverland chapter 99 was delayed last week and because of that, the wait for the chapter is extended for another week. The wait is painstakingly slow because chapter 98 showed us two new important characters in just one chapter. This week, we will see if the children managed to contact their allies.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 99 – Andrew On The Move

We are introduced to a new villain in the last episode. Peter Ratri’s agent who goes by the name of “Andrew” is trying to locate the escapees and their shelter. So far, the children were able to evade him with the help of some unknown ally. In the next chapter, there is a possibility that we will know more about this unknown ally.

But for now, the possibilities that Emma and Ray will receive another call in the next chapter is quite low. The unknown ally is expected to be more careful, especially that Andrew already managed to find the dummy shelter. So while Andrew is on the move, this unknown ally might be focusing on distracting him until he’s certain that it is already safe to contact the kids again.

Instead of the demons, the ones that are tracking the escapees is Andrew, a human. I can’t help but think that just like in girls, there’s an option for male children not to be eaten by the demons. It is possible that Andrew was also an escapee from premium farms and the reason that he’s not eaten is that he’s pretty useful for the demons.

Mujika And Sonju Are Back?

Some readers believe that the unknown ally no other than Sonju (and Mujika). They are demons that abstain from eating human meat from productions. For some reason, the two helped Emma and the rest of the escapees from Grace Field when they’ve been lost in the demon forest. We all know that they are helping the escapees on their journey so that they can hunt humans again one day.

This theory is based on the clothing of the Unknown Ally, which is almost similar to that of Sonju. It’s kind of early to say that Sonju is the Unknown Ally. The chance that this ally is a new character is high as well. Hopefully, this is a person that genuinely want to help the children cross the boundary.

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