The Promised Neverland Chapter 113 – James Ratri Is Alive

In the previous chapter of The Promised Neverland, Andrew was killed by a monster. This enabled the cattle children to escape pursuit from the Ratri Clan. At the end of the previous chapter, it was revealed that James Ratri, or better known as William Minerva, was revealed to still be alive and kicking. In The Promised Neverland chapter 113, he will be back in action to defeat his brother, Peter Ratri, and free the other children.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 113

James Ratri and four other allies will raid a low-level farm of cattle children. In this farm, the children cannot even respond or speak. When he told them that he came there to help them, the only respond that he got from the children are “Ah…oh…eh…” Someone will ask him if they will take them out of the house, but James replied that the kids will die when they’re removed from the device. Because they cannot do anything for them, James and his allies only removed their handcuffs and shackles and wished for them to be reborn a human outside the monster’s territory.

Meanwhile, after the announcement that there is a response from the allies, the cattle children rejoiced. They will work so hard in order to decipher the numbers from the phone call. After solving the problem, Emma and the others managed to pinpoint their next location. The cattle children should go to the Lion’s Jaw. Fortunately, a map for the Lion’s Jaw was found in the shelter.

After giving the Grand Valley children a proper burial, they promised that in the children’s grave that they will all change the world. It is noted that the journey to the Lion’s Jaw is the final journey. It can be remembered that the manga series is on its final arc, that this arc might be it. That’s it for The Promised Neverland chapter 113. Stay tuned until the end of the series for more spoilers.


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