The Promised Neverland Chapter 110 Spoilers, Release Date

Let’s be real; the previous chapter made us all cry. It was very emotional and frankly everyone’s favorite. All of us are really itching to see what happens next. So in the following post, let us break down and speculate the upcoming events. But before that, there is a warning for you. The post ahead contains spoilers so read further at your own will. Enjoy!

The Promised Neverland Chapter 110 Spoilers

Promised Neverland Chapter 110

In a previous couple of chapters, we saw that Lucas and Yuugo were going to fight against the assassins putting their life on the line to protect the children. Prepared to die, they barged into the battlefield and managed to kill almost half the enemies. But then Lucas got injured heavily. Realizing that he was about to die, he told Yuuga to run and get out of there, lest he himself gets killed. Yuuga refused to leave and eventually got injured also. Both of them about to die refused to leave the assassins alive. They spread combustible gas in the entire area, and Yuugo fired a bullet which lit up everything in sight into flames. Satisfied that they had succeeded in protecting the children, they met their end peacefully. It was a very emotional scene as both of them had been a massive part of Emma’s adventure especially Yuugo who had been with the children for a very long time.

The children will hear the noise of the explosion and realize that Lucas and Yuugo have sacrificed themselves for them. So there are definitely going to be some welled up eyes. Christy is really sick, and Emma is taking care of her. While doing so, the child has recurrent flashbacks of Yuugo and Lucas which make her question the decision she and the other children have made.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 110 Release Date

The chapter will come out on November 3rd, 2018. The scans will be available 2-3 days earlier. However, it is advised not to use them and wait for the official release. This will help the manga and anime community.

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