The Promised Neverland Anime Reveals Don, Gilda, And Isabella Designs

The Promised Neverland anime is one of the most anticipated anime next year. The manga is currently one of the biggest series right now because of its unpredictability and unique set of characters and universe. Before its release, the staff gives us news about the anime from time to time. To hype the upcoming anime, new character designs are released.

The Promised Neverland Anime: Isabella, Don, And Gilda’s Designs

Since its announcement, everyone is hyped to see the major players of the manga’s first arc in animation. Now that the release date is near, more news about the anime is being released. Character designs for Isabella, Don, and Gilda are released recently. The scan below preview their appearance in the anime, which seems to be religiously following the original manga source.

the promised neverland anime

The first season is expected to cover the first major arc of the manga, which shows Emma, Norman, and Ray finding out the truth about the orphanage and their attempt to escape. Don and Gilda are the first allies in this arc, in which they will have a big role in escaping the orphanage. Isabella is the major antagonist of this arc, and everybody wants to know how her character will end up in The Promised Neverland anime.

The Promised Neverland Anime Release Date

The Promised Neverland anime is expected to premiere in January 2019 and will air on Fuji TV. CloverWorks studio, which currently animates Fairy Tail 2018 and Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai. Emma will be voiced by Sumire Morohoshi (Nina Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Mariya Ise will be voicing Ray (Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter), and Maaya Uchida (Yuki Yoshino from Food Wars!) will voice Norman. The manga is currently in its final arc according to Kaiu Shirai in one of his comments from Weekly Shonen Jump.

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